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Thread: Why GW2 failed server population fast decline, Trion won't want to do the same.

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    Why GW2 failed server population fast decline, Trion won't want to do the same.

    It happens when you give the player everything they want, perfect example of fail. If you read mmo news they talk about it, ArenaNet even had to fire people they were not performing up to NCSOFT's expectation.

    Never any queue time, during the head start I was there. The only problem was too many servers.

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    GW2 "failed" because we got bored, as we do with every game.

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    It took a long time to get bored with DAOC, and that was because EA crippled archery on my best toon.

    GW2 took away the 'social' aspect by not requiring you to group or form bonds.

    My main complaint about Archeage is the PvE is too easy, especially with the glider escape from bad pulls.

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    I'd implore people not to go along the line of "THIS! This is the ultimate reason why X failed!"

    Guild Wars 2 had many reasons for many people to leave. A lot left early in the game when they couldn't get used to lack of trinity, questing, or fighting style. Some others because the game proved too easy for their hardcore skills. Many left after April mega patch which kind of blew up people's clothing designs and megaserver for at least 2 months made it hard to keep in touch with friends. The social aspect? Not sure, I've met and befriended tons of people there just by running events with them, think of it as non-bound groups. Major gripe to quite a big group was also the lack of defined end-content.

    For me? I guess I'm still able to play it since I took a relaxed approach. GW2 is more of a safe haven from which I can go and try other things. I still enjoy much of it's content, since I'm not grinding it at all. Heck, I have 12 characters, most on max level and don't feel tired of leveling.
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