Hello there lone wanderer.. Are you lost? Do you feel like... You don't belong anywhere? Do you like to harrass people? Do you like to steal, plunder and murder? Well, of course you do! That's why you are reading this as we speak... Anyway, sit back and relax while I take you through the presentation of the newly founded pirate guild... The Scarlet Pirates!

The Scarlet Pirates guild is a pirate guild that thrives on making the lives of the western and eastern faction a living nightmare out on sea.. Feel safe in the open sea? You might now.. But when the Scarlet Pirates grows bigger and bigger, we'll make sure you'll think twice before heading out to the sea with that lovely trade pack of yours..


So this is just a slowly glimps on the goals I want to achieve together with you in this guild. Together as a guild we will be able to create a rep and name for ourselves so that even the most famous guilds in the community will know about us, and develop some kind of goosebumbs only thinking about us..

Given the circumstance that this is a newly founded guild, gives the opportunity to the new members to be part of something small, that might just have the potential of growing into something big. There aren't a lot of pirate factions in Kapryso, and with the launch, let's create a pirate guild together!


For the people interested in joining, here are the conditions:

-Be at least 18+ years old.
-Speak English.
-Always be nice to fellow crew members.


Now if i've managed to have your attention up untill now, then please go ahead and register at our website:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me in-game "cptjackman" or send me a PM either here or on the forums!

Hope to see you in-game!