Black Lion Company [BLC] recruiting.
We're a military guild planning to PvP,
we offer military discipline, tactics and execution.

We'll be playing the EU servers on release.

Our philosophy;
The company will be applying military tactics into ArcheAge PvP combat. In order to properly strike our targets and execute our plans flawlessly, we require coordination and discipline.

In order to achieve coordination and discipline the company must be prepared for combat situations and changing tactics. Therefore, a training regime will be implemented. The training regime is divided into many courses starting from Basic Training Course [BTC] to Advanced Tactics Course [ATC].

Command Structure;
Members within the company will be sectioned and divided into cells of five. Each cell will have a leader and as the leader gets promoted the entire cell will move up as a group. This is done to create an intimate level of team work and to build mini support systems within the guild that are capable of standing alone.

Example of command structure

Promotion within the company is based on how much responsibility an individual is willing to take up and not whether how good player is or how long they've been with the company. Responsibilities range from all tasks starting from small mundane tasks such as Recruiting to the guild to high level of commands such as creating a training regime template or organize, plan and lead a military campaign.

The Crafters/Traders
The company will be allocating a good portion of it's resources and player base to crafting and resource gathering. Crafters will be treated with special exemptions such as not needing to train for military operations, nor following usual company guidelines and rules. They'll be treated as the civilians of the guild whose goal is to create supportive supply chain for resources the guild needs. In return the company will offer protection during high risk trade runs and a method of transportation.

Our current goals:
Within the Alpha our current goals is to prepare for the Open Beta and Release. Such preparation includes;
Making sure every player has a party active within the same timezone they pay to level with during release.
Build a support structure for Ambitious players who plan to get to 50 ASAP on release.
A daily guild PvP hour where we PvP as a team.
Increase our sphere influence in ArcheAge and reaching out to potential members.
Look into building possible alliances.

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