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Thread: [EU - Aier] <LIBERATUM> A Pan-European casual Archeage Guild for older players

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    [EU - Aier] <LIBERATUM> A Pan-European casual Archeage Guild for older players

    Liberatum was formed by a small group of friends who have played together in many previous MMO games.
    What makes us different to the myriad of other gaming communities is our approach and attitude.
    We are all 30+ adults who have our own lives, commitments and responsibilities outside of gaming. We come to MMO games for a brief respite from the pressures of real life, and not to create new additional pressures.
    We promote a drama-free, hassle-free environment where the preferred mantra is "toleration, patience, acceptance and enjoyment."

    If you are a mature gamer (30+), and are looking for a home in ArcheAge alongside like minded players, then we would love to hear from you.

    As this is a new game our initial goals are quite simple. Explore, experience and enjoy what content the game has to offer. This may take the form of leveling, gathering, crafting, PvE content, open workd PvP and other pursuits.
    We are particularly interested in performing and supporting trade runs as a Guild, developing community housing, farming and crafting infrastructures and we share an Anti-PK philosophy.

    Whilst Guild labels are often vague and misleading, we would describe ourselves as a casual social Guild with modest future progressive ambitions.
    We will never be a hardcore raiding guild as the kind of time required for such endeavors far exceeds what we have to invest.
    That said, we still have a strong desire to achieve and to make the most of the time that we have to spend in game.
    We also believe that keeping a guild to a modest size emphasises the feeling of community, as opposed to large sprawling guilds that lose the personal touch.

    Liberatum are:

    * A mature "Archeage" Guild with a focus on enjoying Archeage in a casual PVE | PVP environment.
    * Family men and women with jobs, kids, husbands and wives who understand the real priorities in life.
    * Casual, relaxed and looking to treat the game as a respite from work not a second job!
    * Tolerant, patient, accepting and welcoming
    * A Guild for older players
    * A Guild for English speaking players from across Europe
    * A Medium sized Guild of around 75 players

    Liberatum are not:

    * Hardcore raiders, Hardcore PvPers or Roleplayers.
    * A large sprawling impersonal Guild where members are numbers rather than names.
    * Demanding all of your spare time and insisting on participation in events.
    * A multi game community - we're here for ArcheAge.
    * A Guild for kids

    Liberatum are playing the West Faction on the Aier EU server.

    Achievements To Date:

    * A modest number of Naval assets (see image below)
    * A Guild Island shared with our allies including Guild HQ (image to follow)
    * Regular intercontinental and domestic trade runs
    * Regular Dungeon and PvP activities
    * Guild Alliance with other like minded communities

    Liberatum Fleet Assembling Prior To Naval Operation

    A website has been set up, and Teamspeak Voice comms is also available for members who wish to use it - though this is by no means compulsory.
    If you would like to know more please feel free to contact us, or apply to join at http://liberatum.enjin.com/ if you are already convinced!

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    Aug 2014
    Everything I'm looking for in a guild but....

    Your playing on the West Side

    Way to established now to swap over, guess I'll see you all on the battlefield!!

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    Sep 2014
    Now this is a truly appealing proposal. Kudos to you people!
    Shall I ping you in-game (if we ever get to beat the queue that is...) or is there an HR department for these matters?

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    @ smodgzy - feel free to consider rolling a west side alt!
    @ Yag - guild website is the best place to contact us initially - and I see you already have! Welcome aboard!

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    id join but i play firran... perhaps ill roll an elf later

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    I don't normally join guilds but even I'm tempted by this, being a 48 year old solo crafter type. But I too am on the east side.
    Hokusai - Harani - Eanna
    Farmer, trader, wheeler-dealer.

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    I'm sorry to be extremely vague but I only managed to get my first proper playing time as a F2P last night and haven't decided once and for all whether AA is the game for me. It all looked very good once I managed to get on and I would like to play on Aier as first preference. However, last night it seemed easier with no queue to sample the game by making my first character on a US server. The queue for Aier by the time I got home was already in the thousands and I couldn't face it.

    Once the queues settle down Liberatum sounds just the sort of guild for an old codger like me. I've never been hard core indeed I prefer to solo quest but am happiest when in a guild and prepared to craft or whatever to support others. I've dabbled in other games (RIFT, Vanguard, DCO) but my main for the last 10 years has been EQ2. I'll try to make an application via your excellent web site when I get home as it seems to think my home email address is already registered so I need to reset my password. Were you ever in RIFT?

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    Ah - it seems that Enjin recognises me. Turns out I was registered with them as Hesperides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mahoraz View Post
    id join but i play firran... perhaps ill roll an elf later
    You know what they say....West is Best :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Etcher View Post
    I don't normally join guilds but even I'm tempted by this, being a 48 year old solo crafter type. But I too am on the east side.
    If you decide to roll an alt, we'd love to hear from you.

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