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Thread: Que Q

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    Que Q

    I don't know if the newly improvised Que system is working. Before I've waited maybe 1.5 or 2 hours. Today I've been in Que for 4 hours and still few hundred people left.

    If my understanding is correct, somebody logs out, the Que system waits until their Que grace period is up to let another person in. What if instead of this, we let the Que continue to take players in and if somebody logs back in during their grace period, they get put at the front of the Que? This will help move things along a lot quicker.

    BTW, I've worked 12 hour shift today. Waiting 4 hours in a Que to play for a little bit, to wake up is not appealing. I will want a refund if this continues.

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    Actually what would really help is if they increases the server cap, cut off that increase where p2p join instantly. It's not right for making p2p wait for queing when they are spending money on the game. (I'm a f2p user at the moment so I'm not saying this because of that) it will also help f2p users by being less of a que time.

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