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Thread: Who needs an Ice Bucket? (Notion to Calm down)

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    Cool Who needs an Ice Bucket? (Notion to Calm down)

    Hello a f2p moth pocket here.

    You people need to chill and stop being so angsty. Agreed it's not been the most stable nor the most successful of launches and the 8 hour queue time, whoo boy don't get me started, but isn't it still worth it?

    I mean the game is deep and offers you hours and hours and hours of stuff to do, sure there are issues, random lag spikes because some morons are Ddossing Trion, Painful queue times, no English voice acting? and worst of all, you Early Access muppets that claimed all of the land before us lot that might actually bloody use it for something. (Literally un-built houses everywhere by the same people.)

    But don't mistake this for a rage threat oh no, this is a notion for you people to calm down, take a deep breath, take a cold shower, sit down and drink some coffee or tea and wait for a while.

    You're not the center of Trions attention right now, they got bigger fish to fry trying to get first day issues sorted.

    So please can we act a little more civil from now on and stop making us "gamers" look bad, I mean people think we are cavemen to start with, let's not prove them right eh?

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    Servers don't work
    When they do you get d/ced
    $150.00 paying players didn't get a 4 day head start
    6-10 hour que lines if you some how don't get d/ced in the wait
    No word from Trion about whats being done

    Yeah ppl chill out, this is how gamers are supposed to be treated -.-

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    Is it worth it? eh, maybe for the first couple of days but if there is no improvement, Hell no it's not worth it. See a lot of gamers have a issue. Once we find a game we like, we become fully dedicated to that one game. The longer we wait the more or we get the erge to play a game and if we do play another game we get addicted to it. And then bye bye to this one.

    I really enjoy this game but is it worth waiting for 2 weeks to play? Yes if the company is good enough. But they open the doors a bit to early and creating a big mess. This shows 1 of two things. They aren't very bright or they are just in it for the money. Stupidity can be looked over but greed can't. Even if the game was the best in the world it's just not worth it if the company is greedy like snail games, nexon and game camqus. Three company's which I black listed from playing and wouldn't play a single one of there games if they hired me to.

    I just hope Trion is just stupid and not greedy. What gives me the right to call them stupid you may ask? 8 servers, very low capacity open the doors to one of the most hyped games around and adding a que. You can't tell me that was remotely a good idea. I mean just thinking about it. As soon as some one said at the board meeting "HEY LETS PUT A QUE IN THE SERVER" he should of been back handed at that very moment for suggesting such a stupid thing.

    I understand why queing and understand why they can't allow to many at once but what I don't understand is why they don't give the servers more opacity unless it's just they don't want to spend to much money on the game.

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