yeppers after a few reading sessions i've decided to take the pirate life in ArcheAge. I'm currently lvl 27 so i won't actually do that until i hit lvl cap, with that side i'll ve looking to form my own pirate guild yep no more "follow the leader" for me, tried it, impossible. As per the norm i'm looking for like minded individuals whether your levels are higher or lower doesn't matter I need you so i'll take you.

My goal is simple the West and East especially OT can have the land, but the High Seas belong to the PIRATES. Now back to the main point, my goal: whether in games, daily life, even with women its always been "Dominion" I'm Greedy, Insatiable, I take what I want and do what I want so that I have no regrets, I be myself and let life take care of the rest. This won't be a zerg Pirate guild F**K that! no this will be organised if you aint watched the GodFather yet you better do or atleast check out Katekyo Hitman Reborn starting from ep 21, everything else before is just crap and you won't miss it.

Putting That aside this Pirate band will be the embodiment of my persona it will stand for my principle and beliefs I am a lustful man, I favor Chaos and crave Destruction, I hate stagnation and times of peace because peace only leads to boredom. I am not a saint nor will i ever be hero I am a monster and this is my Darkness. SO rise up my fellow monsters, release the darkness you keep caged in and run WILD because FREEDOM is the life of a Pirate and this is my Jolly Roger:

Its still early but I implore you brave fools with monstrous desires; Join me, Lets build an Armada and Unite the Pirates of Tahyang server....the Pirate Life aint easy but the BEST THINGS NEVER ARE.

Server: Tahyang(RP)
Character: Zaberfang
Faction: East(Temporary)
Race: Firran
Current Level: 27