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Thread: Solution to play when you have a job.

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    Solution to play when you have a job.

    Myself and many other cannot play in the current queue status because many work/college full time, and even if you get in queue in the morning, and you get busy for 8-10 hour a day, it would be useless because now you will be kicked from character selection now. In my case i just cant play, but there is a solution that a bunch may already know, but ill post anyway.

    If you have a descent smartphone, and have data or wifi, you can download teamviewer for android/ios/win phone and off course your computer, before you go to job you make sure that archeage is in windowed mode, otherwise teamviewer wont be able to see archeage, then you start teamviewer, save the computer id and password then go to work. 4-5 hour before you go back home, depending on queue lenght, and while being on your break, you start up teamviewer on your phone and remote control your computer and start up archeage then select the server, try to be as accurate as possible, if you load it up too soon, you will be kicked from character selection.

    Hope it helped.

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    Or you can also use LogMeIn

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    or you can just not work.

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    How am i going to pay my patron then?

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    Or you can use Google's remote desktop.

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    Or this as long you can get it on your phone

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    Best solution. Ask your lovely ♥ to queue for you.

    :3 It's what I do for my love.
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    Quote Originally Posted by insistent View Post
    How am i going to pay my patron then?
    do you really need to be paying patron in the first place though? perhaps this is the question to examine.

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    I dont know how is the general queue, but i would expect it to be twice as long?

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    Or just play a different game until they fix this cluster ♥♥♥♥

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