<Imperium> is a hardcore guild without the strict requirements imposed by other hardcore guilds in the past.
Do you want to dominate the East/Pirates in faction PvP? Do you want to kill world bosses, clear dungeons and take part in massive trade convoys with farm carts and trade ships?
Then Imperium wants you!
If you're playing on the Western side come join us and maximise the experience you can have of the game
We're looking for dedicated individuals who are committed to the game and in the future our guild, but most importantly we are looking for people who want to have a lot of fun together! Otherwise what is the point?
Example of our PvE raids:
You can contact me (Jolly), Greenlupin, Syrketh, Partypoison, Moarbear, Starfield, Alex for an invite or more info! Both ingame and through the forum PM