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Thread: West guilds?

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    West guilds?

    Seeing a lot of adverts for East guilds? Anybody doing anything on the West side? Looking for a guild myself/contemplating making one. PvE/PvP and all that sorts but I'm really just looking for some people to enjoy the game with. Everyone that I used to MMORPG with has pretty much quit playing and that means I'm all alone!

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    Ascension needs you! You need Ascension!

    Ascension is a mid size pvp/pve clan, focused on refined, highly organized, highly skilled game play. We participate in all aspects of the game. You name it, we're gonna do it.*

    We are currently looking to fill some positions. We want quality over quantity. We are recruiting ACTIVE hardcore pvpers, healers, tanks, and bards. We have positions for PVE players as well. Want to be a dedicated clan crafter or farmer that gets fed endless amounts of gold and mats? Then we need you. Our farms are ready to go. Trades runs are being organized, we just need the right people to complete this team. Time is of the essence, positions are filling quickly, don't miss out! We are on Inoch west.

    Send Xion an in game mail, or msg me here for info.

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