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I can understand that the patron status is critical in this situation. Sadly it is just the tip of the iceberg. I also know that it is not that "easy" to just add new servers, due to needing hardware for that. But on the other hand it is just not ok that you have to wait for 8 hours to get into the game. I am not an IT expert and i will most likely never be, but there are certain ways around problems. Even if you add new servers, it will just mean that even more people will also get to this game, since it is quite awesome overall(if you dont count in the problems it has). Even if thousand people would leave each server and all the afk kick timer. There is just no way for any working person to queue 8hours. Not even 2 are okay.The thing I am missing the most is the information, the feedback on both sides how this can be done. I am not even talking about compensation yet. I am merely interested in a few compromises which would help the overall problem. I am aware that there are certain restrictions to any problem. But in the end there is always a solution which fits both sides more or less. Because, for real, in the end half the people will get patron status on each server if not all, or 80%. There is no way to get around the queue. Not to mention the nice "Server connection lost", when you finally managed to get through the queue.I simply have no words anymore, there is not even rage left. For a company as big as this, it is quite sad that you never anticipated the impact it will have. Some people did a really bad job, and even in a big company that is a "no-go".I would really love more transparency, since that will also calm down most of your customers, who are actually paying, paid and are willing to pay in the future.The communication is the biggest part of a messed up situation. Although there is a note ever 5-6hours?! It is not enough. I dont know if you are understaffed or anything like that, but things need to be done. Since it seems that this process has finally started, I am hoping that this will go on. Otherwise I am sure, that there will be people who consider going to court with this. That sadly would not be the first and last time.At this moment I am simply worried on the social impact this has. That a game dies down, more or less, before it actually had chance to establish itself in the MMO world. To be honest, I bet that half the people playing Arche Age are happy that there might be something else than WoW for once.
Patron is the first step. More servers are another step. Improved AFK kicking is another step. We're gradually getting through this, and will resolve these issues.
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