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Thread: Textures not loading in

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    Textures not loading in


    I am having a LOT of problems with loading of textures, which seems like I am not alone with. After a couple of minutes playing, the games ends up looking very blocky, with just flat textures and no details. Like really bad PS1 graphics.

    I have seen hundreds of people complaining about this, but no sustainable solution have been found yet. The only thing that helps a little bit, is to delete the shader chache folder, but it comes back after a very short time.

    Are there any news about this bug, or can some tech guy at least acknowledge this bug, and confirm that it is being looked at?

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    I will bump this until I get an answer, as it is completely running the game for both me, and many others.

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    I have the same problem!

    Geforce Gainward GTX 780

    Nvidia Drivers 344.11

    Updating drivers to 344.11 didn't help at all...

    Takes some time and then the textures will lose their details and all starts to look really chunky...

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    Yeah, it does not seem to be a matter of hardware on the users side, as the hardware from people reporting this problem varies widely. Which makes it even more obvious that the fault is on the game developers side.

    Again, can we at least get an answer acknowledge the problem.

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    Still going to bump until I get an answer

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    bump yet again

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    Yes I can confirm this issue (AMD HD7870). But I seem to have fixed it with disabling the forced AA settings on my GPU drivers GUI.

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    Still no answer still going to bump it.

    And it is awsome it worked for you, CryptoAhash, however nothing have worked for me and a lot of others. So I would still like to get an official answer on this.

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    If you go ingame and disable Multithread, closing the game, and deleting the cache folder in Documents/ArcheAge/USER/shaders/cache - does it change?
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    As always it worked to delete the cache, but it still came back after a little while, and now my GF game is starting to do the same. Can we PLEASE just get a confirmation that you are working on this?!

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