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Thread: Textures not loading in

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    This happens to me all the time. On two computers actually... with completely different hardware. Such nonsense.

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    try alt+enter, then alt+enter again.. for whatever reason it helps ..
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    I'm both glad and not glad to see others are still having this problem.

    BabyT: I've tried fullscreen, windows and borderless windowed, all 3 after a full game restart and it occurs on every mode. Swapping between them does indeed force a reload of some graphical assets, but it's not enough (in my situation) to actually change the LOD back to full. I wish it were that simple.

    I kept an eye on my MSI Afterburner utility while I was playing for a few hours last night. My GPU usage does dip quite a bit after the LOD degrades, which is what you'd expect as it's not rendering high-res textures, bump maps etc. But I also noticed my GPU memory usage stayed exactly the same - right near my maximum of 1GB. Even after it was loading maybe 50MB worth of textures, judging by the appalling quality.

    So if I had to guess, I'd say the game is effectively failing to call for cache unloading of some older, unused game assets, and it just piles up in the stack until there's no more room for anything but abysmal, tiny textures and polygon counts.

    Seriously XL? This is a CryEngine game. Ask Crytek for help if you can't figure it out.

    Edit: Oh yeah, also worth noting is that this is literally the only piece of software I've ever used which seems to push both of my GPUs at 100% maximum all the time. I had to increase the cooling in my case to deal with it. Battlefield 4, Thief, Borderlands 3, EQ Landmark, etc. @ 1920x1200 don't run my system nearly this hard.

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    Having the same issue. Graphics eventually turn into ugly blockly low res textures..

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    I'll adress the issue once more. After a while crummy textures appear. I assume it's a memory leak and with a 32bit game... you are just severely limited memory-wise...

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    I rarely get the textures problem,to a limited extend,but the fact is that the way AA handles
    assets loading is horrible and adds unneeded load to our machines.
    Basically everything that is not on your screen is unloaded,even simple stuff like a cloak's textures.
    It is also a fact that the more you play the game,the less efficient it becomes memory wise.
    I usually restart the game every couple of hours,after I do a clean of my temp folders and cashe.
    Would the game benefit from a 64-bit client?Maybe,but bad optimization is bad optimization and
    the tech you use can't just make up for it.

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    Well my problem looks like this now: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...ur-disappeared
    started a few days ago...
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    I have this issue and I run on an i7 3770 GTX 960 with 16GB of Ram on Win 10

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    lol, same issue, loading very slowly for texture... GTX 980 Ti 6GB i7 6700k 4.2ghz 32gb DDR4-2400Mhz

    The Only game with much issue never resolved xD

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    980gtx on windows 10 32gb of system ram. Missing textures and other craziness like loading in and everyone being naked or missing arms and legs. Forget trying to pvp or pve spell effects will take up the whole screen. Looks like my character is tripping balls every time I log in. Tried different drivers same issue it been happening since Tuesdays update. I thought maybe my card was dying but seeing how others are reporting the same issues I would say it is something wrong with the update..

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