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Thread: Archeage Crest Templates

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    The chalkboard overlay appears to support gradual transparency (incl. "translucency"), as supported by e.g. DXT5. In other places, I would "pessimistically" expect only binary alpha, as supported by DXT1a.

    Sample images explaining the differences between DXTC modes and expectable artifacts

    To be tested (with e.g. soft drop shadows)...

    It is the decision of the graphic engine developers which format is used in which place. This is not only a matter of beauty, but also a matter of speed. Translucent textures would look a lot better in several places, but would hurt the rendering speed a lot because sorting the 3D meshes for their correct appearance would cost a lot of efforts, and make the frame rate drop. Therefore you will see e.g. tree crowns and grass tufts with binary alpha only, which may look a bit jagged when you are close, but can be rendered a lot faster with binary masks (e.g. Z-buffer).

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    making a column out of crest columns

    Hey guys! I'm a total noob when it comes to crests and stuff. We want to make columns to support a wall inside a mansion. It will take 4 crest columns stacked on top of each other. Now, how to put the graphics on to make 4 of them look like a roman column?

    I know we'll need one that has the fancy top of a column and one that has the same design, only on the bottom, and two that make up the middle.

    Anyone have a clue how to do this?

    Help would really be appreciated!!!

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    For that column idea, since you don't need to see the top or bottom you can just use a texture of a roman pillar and you don't need to worry much about a template.

    Something like this would probably provide a adequate result.

    *That image is not formated, just for example purposes.

    I'm assuming you're thinking something like this for an overall idea.

    You could probably use a single crest cube on top and bottom to get a similar look. Something like the center column shouldn't be difficult to create. Keep in mind, you can't invert cubes so you woul dhave to design a top that would look the same when it's on the bottom, unless you're creating a 3rd crest.

    Hope that helps.
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    Another option would be to look ingame for similar structures, and use screenshots to obtain the textures. I've used this technique to make a crested staircase to place next to a silo, with the same stone texture as the silo's stone base.

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    Found some nice logos in internet

    256x256 Half Life Opposing Force:

    For trade pack half life opposing force:

    The Baraddur logo from lord of the rings:

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    The 3.5 Crest Bed template

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaylin View Post
    Here are the templates to use for Archeage.

    Remember you need to rename the image as ucc in png format at 256 by 256

    The basic size works as a crest for clothes...

    there are templates for if you wanted a cube or a column design below






    This is how it looks in game



    To put the crest on an item you need to buy Crest Brainstorm from Auction house or the item Marketplace.
    Then you head to a city with a Dye Machine which is located in the big major cities like Marianople for the West not sure which city in the East.

    Go and create it there the image should show up in the bottom left.

    Once that is done have at least one memory ink and right the stamp which is made.

    Then it will make a usable image. Click that stone/rock and place it on your item you wish to place the image on.

    That is it so happy customizing all.
    This images are no longer available for viewing, can someone please update it? q-q

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    I made an overwatch claw machine!

    and a preview, https://i.imgur.com/EQhmlzI.png

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    anyone got some nice designs for crest steel bucket ?

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