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Thread: Lets get something straight. THIS IS A REALISTIC PVP SANDBOX GAME.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xplato View Post
    those crafters and farming are more important than the PVPers are. they provided the PVPers with items to use. if anything EVE has taught me it's that PVPers can't do everything you need a trader/Manufacture/Whatever else.
    this coming from someone who did nothing but PVP Eve :?

    As it will in this game just like it did in UO. Its the circle of life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Achicken View Post
    793 posts since March? So why are you still here then? Go play eve or are you here as an official recruiter?
    Because i was beyond hyped for this game and spent a great deal invested in it and didn't know that my time was limited on these forums to your judgement. I guess you say who stays or goes huh?

    I only commented because i couldn't stand to see this monstrosity compared to UO. Nothing will ever be as good as that again it seems even after all these years. (yes i still play UO as well)

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