For the last three day's, it is impossible to join the game, there is always solid 8-10 hours of waiting time before you can actually enter. And the problem is, that there are too many players, so why do you release the game, if it cannot even support the amount of people that have been waiting for this game to come out, surely you are getting nice money for all this and surely you are working hard to improve. But instead of releasing the game and all these packages to start cashing in money as fast as possible from the game, you should instead make the game big enough, so that everybody can play and enjoy the game, not waste everyday half a day to even try getting in. You think the player base will raise, if you release it and advertise it before its fully capable to handle all these players who have been waiting for long time. The player base will fall, because people are getting tired of wasting valuable time to even play this game, time is money and if your not earning money, you are wasting money. Try to resolve this faster and start thinking, what will happen to the game, if people get tired eventually from just waiting? There are loads of games to try and play, this has been waited for very long time, but the result right now is bad, instead of thinking about the money, think about the players getting into the game, because the players are your money. Feeling really tired to wait half a day everyday just to play this game, releasing it like this, if it cannot even handle the players is foolish. First its good money and advertise for you indeed, but later its gonna die, because people getting tired of the wait.