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Thread: Ollo Guild Listing (West)

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    <Dexterity> open enrollment begins now!

    In existence since Alpha, only recently opened to the public. Dexterity is a guild, founded by a family of gamers, that values games for what they are and plays for enjoyment.

    Guild Perks
    • Guild Town with full amenities and farm space
    • Nightly guild events (GHA, Hasla, Auroria etc)
    • Substantial and growing navy (merchant ship, galleons, lutesong junks)
    • Master craftsmen in nearly all professions

    • Interested in end game
    • Level 30+ (or have a planned time schedule to be 50 soon)
    • Willing to utilize Team Speak server during dungeons, world bosses etc

    Contact Information
    • Ingame: Badu, Svaga, Juanugliho, Painkiller

    Statistical Information
    • Size: 60+
    • Gameplay focus: Flexible
    • Dedication: Hardcore (open to casuals)
    • Timezone: GMT -5, -6, -7, -8 (Other times open but online activity is not guaranteed)

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    No Quarter No Mercy

    Not sure how to update this as we now have two contingents; West and Pirate

    You guys saw it coming I know, what with the rampant PK we released on Hasla.

    No Quarter No Mercy
    Size: 20+
    Contacts: Vada, Arthen, Hito, Macha
    Requirements: Teamspeak 3 and mic, 18+, Lvl 50 (50 Auramancy req'd if joining one of our Serpentis/Dahuta groups), min. GHA/T3 geared.
    Gameplay focus: PvP
    Dedication: Semi-Hardcore
    Timezone: All
    The Original Sultan of the Sea
    Est. Alpha Launch - 2014

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    Size: 160 people with about 20 HardCore, the rest Casual
    Contacts: Santon, Optimas, Darksider
    Requirements: 18 +, Ventrillo for PVP and Dungeons
    Gameplay focus: PvP
    Dedication: All Around
    Timezone: All

    About US:

    We have been established since Alpha and we have been on Ollo since Launch

    Dungeon Focus -
    Were looking to start Serpentis and we are looking for regulars on the weekends who can assist.
    Healers are a plus

    PVP -
    We like to do mini games, pillage the seas, and kill reds.

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    Dirty Rascals
    Members: 50
    Contacts: Playmate, Cypris, Munylelele, Youngblood, Draxous
    Requirements: None
    Focus: Everything
    Timezone: All, but mostly US and Aussie
    Description: fun, tight knit, small guild with several very active players and alot of casual players
    Website: http://www.thedirtyrascals.com/index.php?gid=440225
    <Pain Train Gaming>
    <Dirty Rascals>
    Ollo, West, Solzreed
    ~~~100k+ Tailoring and Commerce~~~

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    Corporate MisFits

    Corporate Misfits

    Size: Small
    Focus: stabbing peeps
    Home zone: Calmlands.... come play!!!
    Website: http://www.corpmisfits.com/

    Guild leadership Pitythefool, Dataint, Vivienne

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    Bastion http://bastiongaming.enjin.com/home

    50+ Member Mercenary Guild with NO Allies

    Contacts: Digitalprintz and Elochai

    Requirements: No Scamming, Exploiting, Cheating, or Serious Griefing

    Time Zone: All - Recruiting for Around the Clock Fun

    Description: <Bastion> is Recruiting. Mercenary Guild with NO Allies looking for more members who want to have fun, PvP, Pirate and More. Crafters and Farmers also Welcome <3 PST or apply at bastiongaming.enjin.com

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    Unsullied is a small guild looking for new members who love to goof around and have fun PvPing, Pirating, Doing commerce, and helping each other out!

    Size : 20+ players

    Contacts : NinjaFetus, Chloraform, Burningbow

    Requirements : Willing to help out fellow members and have fun

    please apply at : Unsullied-ollo.enjin.com or mail one of the contacts in-game, Thank you

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    Never heard of most of these guilds they must be playing farmville LMAO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chocolatechip View Post
    Never heard of most of these guilds they must be playing farmville LMAO
    You sure its not the other way around? I see freedom assassins, bastion, CM, and a ton of the other guilds on this list on daily... not to mention my guild which I see on every day... sooooo yeah...

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    Seeing as the last post here is from about a week ago, I'm going to take the safe route and just ask any interested, newbie-friendly factions if they'd have room under a wing for yours truly. I'm a level 10 Ebonsong (Archery/Shadowplay/Songcraft) on this, my first and probably going to be my only if this is active enough, server and am interested in the naval, aerial, and real estate portions of this game to start out with. I've only ever played one other MMO before and I started aforementioned MMO 4 months ago and came here when my last MMO's guild died out due to inactivity. I don't have all that much experience with damage-dealing classes as I've only ever played a healer so archer is going to take a bit of getting used to. I'm more of a PVE gal than a PVP one, but I wouldn't mind participating in fun little special events every now and again.

    As for what I've read about housing thus far, I'm shooting for a small house and then later on no higher than a medium as the idea of taxation seems iffy and I don't want to push my luck. If there's a way I can even work as a deckhand on a ship, that would be pretty amazing! I rather like the ocean and water in general. Anywhoosies, thanks for your consideration and hope to make some in-game friends. My charrie name is SeriaKaltya .

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