Hello Adventurer!!

Draco Harmonics is a flexible, small and laid back guild composed by many kinds of different players, where you fill the role that you want in a growing community. With this, I can tell you that we're a small guild that aims to grow and flourish with each new member adding their own unique perspective on how they view the game.

We are mainly casual players that may have variable login times and frequency, but we are dedicated to help each other in the game when we play and this way live long and prosper as a whole and not each one by themselves.

The main goals for the moment are exploration, leveling, learning about the game and helping anyone who needs a bit of a leg up. However, it's an all rounded kind of guild I suppose; PVE, PVP, trade runs, dungeons, crafting, farming, getting at the top of the highest mountains just for the pure heck of it. We want to explore this game as much as we can without any pressure or forced elitism, enjoy the game and basically have FUN. I invite any like minded individuals on board to join us on this potentially very grand adventure.

Also, if you have ideas, suggestions or want to take a leading role on moving this guild forward, you are more than welcome to bring it!

Join us through our website

Or contact us in-game:
Yashariel (Guild Leader)
Moggijin (me!)

We wait for you!