Hello everyone and a big warm welcome to Aier. We are a new upcoming guild with few members looking to be a medium sized anti-pk and trading guild.

Guild Name: Limbo
Faction: West
Server: Aier

What are we after?
New mature players, 18+* (or at least mentally).
English speaking.
Willingness to help the guild and it's members.
No PKing (killing greens).

What do we offer?
Security in trade runs at regular spontaneous and organised times.
Packs for trade runs if you should not have the ability to craft one.
Help and advice from myself and other members (I myself was in alpha).
Social talkative guild chat.

Guild rules;
No PKing, ganking or griefing same faction.
Defend greens from PKers when able, return their pack to them if able.
Be nice, even to people who PK you, it's part of the game.
Contribute to the guild and it's members.

If you have any interest then please send me a private message containing your character details and a statement to ensure you understand the 'anti-PK' rule

Additionally you can contact IGN Synestra or my Officer Amar and Eleva

We now have a Forum: aalimbo.enjin.com

Some images:

*- The age limit will not be enforced, you are not required to tell me or anyone else your age. We are after mature members and your suitability will be measured based on your maturity.