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    Ability Lag/Intermitent Spikes since latest Patch?

    Simple issue: Anyone noticed ability lag/intermittent lag spikes since last patch? Leveled 2 characters to 50, all without any issue the first week and a half, without any lag whatsoever.

    Now since the latest Maintenance/Patch, I have a fair bit of ability lag, to the point that sometimes I have to wait 20 seconds plus just to attack an enemy. (As in I target the enemy, and it tells me my target can't be attacked - then 20 seconds later, my skills will 'un-grey' themselves, and I can use them)

    I went to support, found the IP for the NA servers, ping test showed 62ms average. Did a test on pingtest.net to verify my connection was fine - no packet loss or other abnormalities. No hardware has changed, no driver/config changes. Only different thing seems to be the latest maintenance/patch.

    Input/feedback? o.o

    Great video demonstrating what we deal with everyday, SINCE the 2nd-to-last patch...:

    And here's yet another - exact same issue...:


    I felt I needed to add just a few things to 'maybe' clarify to those who take a quick look at 2 posts, and make up their mind that we must all be nuts =)

    - This is constant lag, that does not go away, that has been here since the '2nd-to-last patch'. (This patch is when the 'bug' appeared: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...10-Patch-Notes)
    - The lag consists of apparently random (although repetitive) 'latency lag' that affects abilities and character movement. More specifically when you use an ability, it will either lag on cast, or on execution and the receiving (player or NPC) will have a delayed reaction to that skill
    - It also appears to be affecting the global cooldown slightly as the GCD is taking a bit longer to 'finish' to allow us to use our next skill
    - The lag lasts anywhere between 1-2 seconds, and in more extreme situations as long as 4-5 seconds (Possibly more? Not sure if that's the same issue though - Input?)
    - It is NOT due to a change in network configuration, hardware configuration, or any sort of modification on the client side. People who are affected by this lag did NOT lag at all before the '2nd-to-last' patch - Furthermore we've already gone over the basics such as a scheduled HDD defrag, windows update and the whole shebang. Once again let me reiterate this is NOT a client sided issue
    - There are a lot of players who ARE NOT being bothered by this lag, which (MIGHT - Totally biased and unverified opinion next) be due to a certain server handling connections, and therefore only the people routed through that particular server are having the issue, while other people are totally fine
    - The lag also will affect boating from time to time - when you are just sailing normally, the game will begin to rubberband your ship back and forth rapidly for about 4-8 seconds. Not sure why boating seems to make the issue last longer (Possibly due to travel speed?)
    - This is not an issue of FPS lag, it has nothing to do with CPU/RAM/GPU at ALL. This is 100% 'latency/network' related
    - (Personal Opinion next) The delay doesn't appear to be affected by server load - logged in minutes after servers went up and began testing, issue was present and didn't seem to increase/decrease in frequency as more and more people logged on

    Important posts relating to this issue within this thread worth checking out:
    http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...l=1#post833250 - Shows there's packet loss on an specific ISP

    My server is Inoch as an FYI
    (Verified it's happening across multiple servers on the NA - Apparently EU has the issue too, which makes sense as the lag happened AFTER the patch mentioned in this post...)

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    Been getting a bunch of spikes since the latest patch as well and my friends have as well.

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    Been getting huge lag spikes since the patch. I put a post up about it yesterday and it got deleted, it's as if they don't want people to know the game is unplayable

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    I'm getting the exact same problem since last patch, doing trade routes is unappealing atm. The ship will rubberband every once in awhile and I'm also getting the delay lag on skills. Could you pass me the IP aswell, Idk where to look for it.

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    Nevermind I just found the IP, I'm getting 35ms to the server. I can only assume its because of last patch.

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    For those wanting to check their ping, the Trion support page is here: https://support.trionworlds.com/app/...-network-tests

    ping - NA servers. Used for in-game issues such as latency/ability lag, difficulty connecting to character select or loading into the game, or frequent disconnects from within the game on an NA server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holymartyr View Post
    For those wanting to check their ping, the Trion support page is here: https://support.trionworlds.com/app/...-network-tests
    Yep found it earlier. My ping was only 35ms on all hits. But still getting this weird lag.

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    Tried 256/368 MTU (as opposed to the normal 1500 MTU) as this has helped on certain other online games, but if anything - it appeared to make the issue worse. Still no luck, and laggy...

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    Im getting those lag spikes too..its crazy I wasnt getting it till after the patch.

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    I think it's affected my attack speed as well =/ I swear my skills take a bit longer to go through the global CD now...makes PvP impossible, and PvE is a nuisance as well =/ This is quite the issue.

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