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Gonna be honest here when I say this.We don't believe you.
Spammers create a bad experience for our players. If people have a bad time, eventually they will stop playing. Therefore it wouldn't make any sense for it not to be important to us.
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I dont believe this is a hard fix. How can the spammers know more than the devs.....they must go OOOH thats what they are doing. lets not allow that anymore...Nope, "never a simple matter". It really should be...
Creating a simple chat filter for say something like an IRC chat is pretty easy, although it's also pretty simple to work around. Creating a learning chat filter that can run efficiently on an MMO server with thousands of players chatting back and forth at once using a custom chat system is not the same sort of deal at all. And the folks who create spam bots have a ton of experience working around all sorts of restrictions. They've got their own programmers, and they're used to finding ways to work around filters. We'll close down one way of doing it, and they'll try to move to another. You'll notice their techniques have changed over the last week or so. We will get this under control, it is gonna take time and work by teams on multiple continents.Ultimately proof is in the pudding. We've gotta fix it. Until then I respect your skepticism.
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There are players on our server that have dedicated time to this issue. They go hunting for the spammer at the player starting spot. Usually they find the spam bot right exactly where the players first drop in the game. Once they find the player standing there with the name like "ddffglr", they verify it's the bot by testing /block and if it works, they spread the name to an eager server.It's been working like a charm. I haven't seen a spam bot all night.
I love it when folks do stuff like this. While ultimately it's our responsibility to fix the problem, I always am happy when folks share ways to deal with the situation in the meantime.
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