French semi-hardcore Old school guild

Si bene te tua laus taXat, sua laute tenebis. Si tu es digne de ta gloire, tu suivras le chemin qu'elle t'indique.

Hello all.
We're a french PvP guild ( Haranya ) , and we decided to do a diplomaty post in english on the archeage forums.

In fact:

The Legio escort many haranya guilds for their trades, whether German, English or French.
our Legio has no alliance and does not want it for the moment. But we currently have many friendly pacts or temporary pacts.

Legio will defend Haranya and is totally anti-PK. We already compiled a list of haranya guilds considered "Not friendly." because their actions are against our principles.
We are not in war against the guilds listed below, but they are potential targets during the fighting:

- Infamous
- Rebellion
- Memoria


Pour les français qui souhaiteraient en savoir plus ou nous rejoindre, c'est par ici :

ou par ici, la présentation détaillée en français sur JOL :