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Thread: Sumusiko's Middleman Service.

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    Sumusiko's Middleman Service.

    Hello, surely you know about the current housing problems right? So lately many people have been "selling" their land however as you know it, there's no way you can do a "fair" trade when it's about land since the owner cannot place the land on the trade window.

    This has led to countless scams ranging 10-200G of worth, now that's a huge ♥♥♥♥ing loss isn't it?

    Due to this I've decided to start a middleman service. I will take a tax of 10% which should be a fair percentage to make sure everything goes according to the trade.

    - PM me here or in skype. (Sumusiko)
    - I will Log in, go to the location.
    - The buyer gives me the trade items/gold.
    - The seller removes the land.
    - The buyer places their scarecrow/house.
    - I deliver the items/gold to the seller.

    To make sure this is a legit thread I will also require you to post here any successful trades with me as your middleman as in to increase my reputation.

    Known List of Scammer:
    - Cetabio

    PM me any scammers with proof and I will add to the thread.

    PS: Seems like most scammers are spanish as such I ultimately keep the right to decline any middleman services if it involves spanish people.

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    use the cash shop item to sell land. its 100% safe lol

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    How about making a Thread List of Scammers.. iL add more to the list of scammers.

    1. ArtemIsia
    2. Jest

    I like ur suggestions but not all of us are reading on forums, plus there is the Auction License to sell land, 100% safe.

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