<Draco Harmonics> Is finally up and now recruiting! X3
( English Speaking Guild )

Draco Harmonics is a flexible, small and laid back guild comprised of many kinds of players. It's a beginner guild that I hope in the future will grow and flourish with each new member adding their own unique perspective on how they view the game. I aim for it to be a social and friendly guild though I don't mind the idea of it sailing off into the pirate direction (if fully agreed upon), all options open.

The main goals for the moment will be exploration and leveling, learning about the game and helping anyone who needs a bit of a leg up.

it's an all rounded kind of guild I suppose; PVE, PVP, trade runs, dungeons, crafting, farming, getting at the top of the highest mountains just for the pure heck of it. I want to explore this game as much as I can without any pressure or forced elitism, I want to enjoy the game and basically have FUN. I invite any like minded individuals on board to join me on this potentially very grand adventure.

Currant features:
- Download to our own custom crest design.
- We now have a guild harpoon clipper ship!
- A guild accessible large scarecrow farm.
- "Raid call" as a means of verbal communication.
- Dungeon runs.
- Trade-pack runs.
- A guild site.
- Facebook page.

Future plans:
- More possible guild farms and housing that free players can take advantage of if need be.
- Building more guild ships and setting sail for adventure and optional group PVP.

I'm open to any further suggestions or ideas Guild members might have to improve their experience of the guild and the game itself.

We now have our official guild site up and running if you'd like to apply as a member on that: http://www.dracoharmonics.guildporta...&TabID=4340735

I have a facebook page set up for it if you'd like to join that: https://www.facebook.com/groups/577389459039349/

Link for the guild's crest I created myself: http://diamondraskyro.deviantart.com...nics-479818896

If you'd prefer not to join either of those sites but you're still interested, you can just leave a reply on this post with your characters name and I'll add you in-game that way instead.
My Characters names are:
- Yashariel (my main, one i'm more likely to be on)
- Zahera (My alt healer character, second most likely to be on)
- Eriendra (My alt tank character, probably won't be on this one much)

(Currently an Eastern based guild on the EU server "Eanna")