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Thread: Outrider Gladiator arenas vs rest specs

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    Outrider Gladiator arenas vs rest specs

    Server: Melisara (Eu)

    Gear: Armor from quests, 2x hasla swords, bow from hasla.




    Why this build?

    Triple Slash vs Rapid Strike - rapid strike regen bloodthirst and have chance to decreases your movement speed / healing. Triple Slash with Charge give you chance to put your target into tripped state. Mostly you dont even use one of this skills in arenas, thanks why i prefer hit sometimes with Rapid Strike than Triple Slash.

    Freenzy vs melee classes? I am using this skills vs classes which have lower damage and hit you often, also vs magic classes. For example vs Primeval, Stone Arrow, Archer ...... this specs hit you with Endless Arrows, skill deal low damage and when hit you they stack you damage, than you can hit enemy with Pricious Strike by 6-11k (my top crit to leather geared enemy was 11.372)

    Reckless Charge (Passive) - Reason why i am not using this is that i am using Freerunner from Shadowplay skillset which give me enought speed, this passive skill is good for players which defence spec, they using Redoubt skill which give increases Block chance but reduce movement speed. For rest is w/o any big effect.

    Intensity - buff from Archery skill set, the reason why i am using this skill is that i met many specs with fear, during this skill effect you have 15sec immune to fear which give you enought time to kill you enemy


    Outrider vs Daggerspell

    Outrider vs Stone Arrow

    Outrider vs Abolisher

    more videos is comming soon, trying choose some drama videos but vs cloth classes is mostly 2-3 hits :/

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    Outrider vs Outrider

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    Outrider vs Primeval

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    Outrider vs Darkrunner

    Darkrunner is class which can kill you with by one combo, most darkrunners are doing same tactic, shot you with Stalker's Mark than charge on you -> sleep ->stun -> precious strike -> disarm -> dead.

    Most of Outriders shot 3 arrows before start fight Stalker's Mark, Charged Bolt to slow enemy and Piercing Shot, this is not good idea vs Darkrunners, they have only 1 range shot and its Stalker's Mark than they charging on you and doing their combo to kill you.
    Trick is do the same as they doing, shot Stalker's Mark and than use charge after that they are mostly disoriented because cant do their prepared combo, now you can shot your Charged Bolt and Piercing Shot or if you are still close to darkrunner use Drop Back skill to jump more back and than shot em. After that you can use your 2nd charge and start fight.

    If you have still problems with Darkrunners after this you need found out tactic vs them, every one have different tactics, but most of darkrunners are doing same. Also recorded video for you fight vs Darkrunner you can see pretty well their playing style, hope you enjoy it.

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    Really enjoyed your videos, nice work!
    No Hesitation No Surrender

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teroh View Post
    Really enjoyed your videos, nice work!
    thanks man

    Outrider vs Enigmatist

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    Great videos dude. It gives me hope that outrider is potential in pvp.

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    Those are some nice melee crits.

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    Outrider vs Hexblade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbotailz86 View Post
    Great videos dude. It gives me hope that outrider is potential in pvp.
    Outrider is the strongest burst melee and good in mass and small-scale pvp


    Your build is weird but you're playing ok, tho you'd be more productive with shadow step

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