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Thread: Taking MML request (playable music in archeage)

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    Taking MML request (playable music in archeage)

    Hey folks!
    Little introduction first. I am Yangzhoui currently patron lvl 30 harani on eu server orchidna. I resently found out you can make your own music in archeage and i am really pleased with the possibilities tthere are in the music crafting. I already made 3 songs (links will be down this massage) and willing to create more! Altough it cost a lot of time to compose them and a lot of labor and a little gold to make them i still very much enjoy it.

    My reason to start this message is that i want to take reqeusts for song. I know there a lot of songs and dont know which one to choose so why not ask what other people would like

    I am still at amateur rank so i can only craft songs up to 200 characters so that means the songs will be short but i do my best to make the best with what i got. Also if you dont have lvled your artist skill you will only able to play amateur songs :3

    My songs until now:
    Row row row your boat: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/ro...row-your-boat/

    Pallet Town theme (pokemon): http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/po...et-town-theme/

    Fairy tail slow theme: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/fa...in-theme-slow/

    Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/jo...-ring-of-fire/

    He's a Pirate (amateur): http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/pi...irate-amateur/

    He's a Pirate (Novice Multi-Tone Melody): http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/pi...i-tone-melody/

    He's a Pirate (Novice Mono-Tone Melody): http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/pi...-long-version/

    Hedwig's Theme: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/ha...hedwigs-theme/

    River flows in you: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/yi...-flows-in-you/

    Still Doll: queued
    Clair de la lune: queued

    In the end: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/li...rk-in-the-end/ this one was quite hard cause when i tried to add the voice it started sound weird. Hope you still happy the result :3

    The scientist: queued
    Its raining man: little diapointed in this one but couldn't find sheets of the whole song so only thing i could make atm was the intro :C

    Spice & Wolf - Tabi no Tochuu: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/sp...abi-no-tochuu/

    Cup Game: queued

    Marble Gallery: http://www.archeagemmllibrary.com/ca...arble-gallery/

    Xenoblade You will know our names: queue 3
    Xenoblade Mechanical Rhythm: queue 3
    Iron Maiden - "Blood Brothers": 4
    Ensiferum - "Eternal Wait": 4
    MGS2 Sons of Liberty theme: 5
    Golden Saucer theme : 6
    Metal: 7
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue: 8
    opening of Sailormoon Crystal: 9
    the flaming lips yoshimi battles the pink robots part 1: 10
    SAO 2 OP: somewhere between the requests
    O Rei do Gado - Tema de Abertura : 11
    Air Gear Chain: 12
    continued story from Code Geass: 13
    Band Of Horses - The Funeral : 14
    Guilty Crown - Departures Blessing: 15
    One Summer's Day: 16
    Colonel Bogey March: 17
    Warcraft 2 Human theme: 18
    Men at Work - Land Down Under: 19
    Man of Constant Sorrow: 20
    theme to Gilligan's Island: 21

    Queue status may change when new requests come in :3
    Multiple times the same number means i choose 1 of those

    I am willing to craft on of these song for anyone i the same server for 2 gold :3
    And donations are welcome (preferable gold lumber or logs) cause even for a simple songs it usually takes more then a hour to compose x).
    The crafting of the song paper when a song is composed is bout 5 min but the cost of labor and materials are quite high.

    I do not garanty i will compose every song you guys post but i will do my best
    And do t forget to rate my songs on mml library if you like them

    P.s. i am converting them manualy from music sheets to archeage mml, so no external programms used with exception for internet to find a music sheet :3

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    Senior Member Diva's Avatar
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    May 2014
    Could you do the Harry Potter intro (Hedwig's Theme), and "River Flows in You" by Yiruma?

    I know that Yiruma will probably be tough.

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    Senior Member skullhead51's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by Diva View Post
    Could you do the Harry Potter intro (Hedwig's Theme), and "River Flows in You" by Yiruma?

    I know that Yiruma will probably be tough.
    There are several versions of Hedwig's Theme posted around for mabinogi if you google it. They should work for archeage but will need adjustments like the volume, possibly octaves, and taking out a part that fits into the 200 char. If you are on Kyrios server, I can send you one of the versions. It sounds good on lutes.

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    Senior Member Diva's Avatar
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    May 2014
    Also, "Still Doll" by Kannon Wakeshima. I just read that you need paid, so I may have to make an alt on your server to lvl up to earn some gold :P

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    Thnx for the reqeusts Diva . Ill probably start on hedwig's theme tomorow cause i reallly like that one 2 . Ill do my best to do those other 2 too. i dont know still doll but ill listen to it and make the best out of it . Yiruma will be the second to do

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    Senior Member Diva's Avatar
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    May 2014
    Thanks so much! I just don't understand the format without being able to read music. I am going to keep trying though. Thank you for all that you do, and I will send more people your way

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    Aug 2014
    bump because I want to look at this when I get home.

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    Sep 2014
    I have a few requests if u can make it happen, i'd love u so much! <3:

    - River Flows in You
    - Clair de la lune
    - In the end - linkin park
    - The scientist - Coldplay

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    Ok diva i finished the melody of hedwigs theme and will be adding harmony tomorrow so stay tuned
    And krurr nice songs i know them al except for clair de la lune. Depending on how many more request i got i look if i finish all of your songs else i will try to do atleast 1 of each persons requests.
    And again no garanties but ill try my best

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    Sep 2014
    River Flows In You:

    MML@r1l8>ag+ag+aead1<a16>c+16ag+ag+aead1l16<a>c+a8 g+a8<a>g+a8<a>ea8<a>dl32<abl8>c+dec+<b4.l16ag+a4&a eab>c+4.c+de4.dc+<b4.&ba32>c+32a8g+a8<a>g+a8<a>ea8 <a>dl32<abl8>c+den73bel32bn73brl16ag+a4.<ab>c+8<e8 a8>c+de8<e8>c+8dc+c-4abag+a<a>e<a>abag+a<a>e<a>abag+ab>c+dec+<bag+8c-8abag+a<a>e<a>abag+a<a>e<a>abag+ab>c+dec+<bag+8c-8aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+ab> c+dec+<bag+8c-8aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>abag+ab>c+dec +<bag+8<b8g+8e4a>c+a8g+a8<a>g+a8<a>ea8<a>d<a>c+.r3 2d8e8c+8<b4.ag+a4&aeabn61dabn61e>c+de<e>c+de<e>dc+ <be>dc+<b8g+8>a.r32g+a8<a>g+a8<a>ea8<a>d<a>c+.r32d 8e8>c+8<b8erb32>c+32r<a8a4.<abn61eabn61e>c+de<e>c+ de<e>dc+<beg+b>abag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32 b32ag+ab>c+del32c+r<bbl16ag+c-ec-aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+ab>c +del32c+r<bbl16ag+c-ec-aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>abag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+ab>c+dec+ <bag+8c-8aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+a<a>e<a>aa32b32ag+ab> c+dec+<bal8g+<bg+e16a32>c+32ag+ag+aeadc+dec+<b4ag+ c+4el16ab>c+8<e8a8>c+de8<e8>c+8dc+<b4.&bl32a>c+l8a g+ag+<a>ead16.c-32c+den73b4.l16<ag+a4.ab>c+8<e8a8>c+de8<e8a8>dc+<b 4e4l8a<a>c+f+>a2,r1l8n42c+f+4<da>e1&e4n42c+f+4<da> e1&e4n42c+f+4<da>e<d<a>e>c+4<eb>e4n42c+f+4<da>e4<< a>e>c+4<eb>g+4n42c+f+4<da>e<d<a>e>d<<a>eb>e4n42c+f +4<da>e4<<a>e>c+4<eb>e4n42c+f+<f+da>e<d<a>e>c+<<a> eb>e<ef+>c+f+<f+da>e<d<a>e>c+<<a>eb>e<en30c+g+n30d a>e<d<a>e>c+<<aebn44ef+>c+f+n30da>e<d<a>e>c+<<aeb> g+2f+>c+f+4<da>e<d<a>e>c+<<a>eb>e4n42c+4.<da>d4<<a >e>c+<<a>eb>e4n42c+f+<f+da>e<d<a>e>c+<<a>eb>e<ef+> c+f+4<da>d<d<a>e>c+<<aebn44ef+>c+n54f+da>e<d<a>e>c +<<aebn44ef+>c+n54f+da>e<d<a>e>c+<<aebn44ef+>c+n54 f+da>e<d<a>e>c+<<aebn44ef+>c+n54f+da>e<d<a>e>c+<<a eb>g+4>c+2n42df+<f+e>c+a4g+2<<f+>c+4.da>e4<<a>e>c+ 4<eb>e4n42c+f+4<da>e<d<a>e>c+4<eb>g+4<<f+>c+f+4da> d4<<a>e>c+4<<eb>g+4n30c+f+4>c+2,r1;

    It's up to you to shorten it and change tempo, etc. It's a 3 channel song so good luck.

    (BTW: I have a few thousand MMLs from my years of playing Mabinogi. I'm afraid Mabinogi's scores are a little better than what I've seen so far from ArcheAge, but who knows? Maybe it'll get better.)

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