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Thread: Leveling 40-50

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    Leveling 40-50

    I'm noticing that questing is taking more time than usual, almost to the point where it's not really worth it.

    Does anyone know what the most efficient way to go from 40-50 is? And how long it takes me if I do each method?

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    Crafting, using vocation tonics or mine.

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    I went from 40-50 almost exclusively with crafting. Simply go make some money, or buy some credits, get a vocation tonic, a couple labor pots, maybe a character expansion or two, get some alts to 15 so they can use the labor pots, now here's the fun part, get your labor up to 3k-4k, find a really nice mine without too many people in it (I like the construction site or the white arden mine, but they're usually full of people mining too) and mine away. You'll get a small quest worth of Xp for every node you mine and a normal quest worth of xp with every fortuna vein as long as you pop that vocation tonic.

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    Any idea how long it took and how much labor it cost in total?

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    Went from 30-50 nearly exclusively with crafting and Vocation Tonics. Its the easiest way to skip the stupid grind from 40-50.

    Its around 2.5k labor for 1 level roughly. (with Vocation Tonic)

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    Mining vs Crafting vambraces, any idea?

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    So you mean crafting / mining will add exp too ? I though only combat quest will give us exp.
    I'm 45 level now and so tired of the grind. Glad to know this.

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    I found a better place to quest.

    But I'll still be crafting a bit .

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    don't do it, just go mining.

    questing is hurting unless peace period but like that ever comes by.

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    It only took 30-50 to level Via crafting if you were a subscribing patron. Otherwise you had to quest your way in hostile zones to 50.

    I took a free to play account 1-50 via only questing. I took a pay to play account 1-50 via crafting and crafting tonics, it took like 4 days 1-50 via paton crafting, it took around 1 week +4 days of hardcore questing to 50.

    So yes paying money is almost instant 1-50. Yes Gear maters in pvp pay to win in pvp is 100% pay to win for gear 4 a guild = pay to win in pvp. Have fun disproving that you Plebs that like calling us good folk Plebs.

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