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Thread: Greetings all!

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    Red face Greetings all!

    Hi everoyone!

    I'm new to the game, but due to some problems now i have to reinstall the game so while it's downloading i should introduce myself.
    Hi my name is Oxi

    So, what server do you recommend? I'm from Croatia and would like to play on eu server.

    I don't mind RP servers but i would like normal servers more. And is there guilds in this game?

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    Hey, welcome! I personally recommend one of the newer servers as they obviously don't have restrictions on character creation. I personally found Nebe a very friendly server, with a few good guilds on there. A lot of land as well.

    Course, there are many guilds on Archeage. Provided a link for you below!

    Name: Bassi Server: Eanna (EU) Class: Infiltrator Guild: NONE
    Name: Bassi Server: Nebe (EU) Class: Battlemage Guild: NONE

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