Hey guy's I just wanted to let everyone know that myself(GildartsClive) and my friend(MakarovDreyar) will be hosting a guild.
it will either be called Fiores Strongest or Fairy Tail depending on which one we can get.

We need 3 more members to start off with so we can create the guild. the 3 members that help out will be put into the SS-Rank
for contributing towards the guilds creation. from what we can tell we will be able to make a guild house/castle which will take
a little while to make but with effort comes reward right?


Leader- GildartsClive(If we get Fiores Strongest)
MakarovDreyar(If we get Fairy Tail)

SS-Rank- The top three characters who helped fund the creation of said guild
S-Rank- First 20 people to join(could vary do to inactivity)
A-Rank- Guild members who are moderately active(3-4 days out of 7)
B-Rank- Guild members who are rarely active (1-2 days out of 7)
C-Rank- Guild members who violate Guild rules or go inactive for over the course of 1 week
F-Rank- Guild members who were put on trial for crime(Will be trialed by SS-rank members and leader& Co-Leader)

Now these ranks are to determine who is dedicated to Fairy Tail or Fiores Strongest, We want this guild to be fun for all of you.
We don't want it to be a chore for you to come on and have to Lvl, These guild ranks might not happen do to the lack of info the game developers have provided us on the rank system in ArcheAge but if we can change rank names and have that many then we will try out best to make it as fair as possible. We ran the guild FairyTail in AuraKingdom during closed beta and OpenBeta so we had this implemented in there. It worked great!


1: Behavior - Casual joking is tolerated. If the individual who is being joked about asks you to stop do so.

2:Activity - We hope to become a popular guild when we join ArcheAge . That being said if you want to stay in the guild you need to be active. If you are inactive for 7 days with no good reason of why you'll be expelled. A good reason being work, family, Computer or internet issues.

3:Hounding - if you ask a question, request assistant in anything or the like and nobody replies, wait for a answer or ask again in a few minutes, don't spam the guild chat. This applies with Begging, we offer good gear we get when clearing a dungeon but don't beg for gold or equipment.

4:Trolling - VERY close to behavior but this needs to have it's own listing because it's /that/ important. No Trolling, Troll and you're gone, we do not approve or condone rude, ignorant or plain bullying in our guild, Our guild is a family , troll one and we all get our payback.

5:Spamming - Anyone who spams will be warned to stop immediately, if ignored consequences follow.

6:Killing/PVP - As we come to know ArcheAge we know that PVP is a occuring thing do to it's open world concept, PvP will no longer be a choice, you can run up to someone and just start hacking at them, This is fine but under no circumstances are you allowd to attack or kill fellow guild members! If your having a duel, that's fine but killing your fellow members without them accepting a duel is forbidden! failure to obey this rule will result in a guild member removal aswell as a GM Report for disorderly conduct. By every single guild member.

Consequences - Anyone that breaks these rules will be placed on the Probation rank for 10 days, if that person continues to break the rules they're expelled. (SS-RANK and above will exert these rules to the fullest extent, DO NOT toy with the rules AT ALL!)