About Us:

Mythic is looking to form a small guild to knockout Raids on reset in a timely fashion. Raid times have not been set in stone but plan to be between the time of 10:00pm EST - 1:00am EST on Weekdays. We currently hold the following raid build:

Tanks: 2 out of Guild
Healers: 1
Melee DPS: 1
Caster DPS: 1
Range DPS: 2

Of this build - we contain 6/7 or 7/7 GHA Sets. Although we are looking to clear content on reset and in a timely fashion we ask your raid members to attend guild functions such as but not limited too, trade runs, world pvp, siege events and group farming (hasla, KC gold runs, etc).

Although Raiding will be our priority we'd like the geared members to attend these events to make a interactive and fun game-play for the whole guild (we will have socials that we will cater too, close friends, casuals, etc.)

Recruitment Info:

We are currently seeking to fill 2 tank roles inside the guild. With these tanks We ask that you have an understanding of how threat works in this game, being that it is god awful. We ask that tanks be able to solve raid content as it is approached, meaning - have the ability to pick up on mechanics to allow for quicker runs. Tanks are the leaders of raids, as a Healer I intend to lead the raid as much as possible, but I would like to have 1 tank that takes over as Commander for the raid process. (If this is not you, but you still want to tank, please apply as Secondary Tank, and have an offspec for Melee/Range DPS leveled up before applying)

We are currently looking to satisfy 2 Healer roles. 1 of these roles is for a dedicated healer. As far as builds go, we can discuss raid healing/tank healing. I have - preference personally. So we can talk this over. I just ask that you have knowledge of the healing classes and combinations. The other healer role is going to be a very versatile role. Primary Support (songcraft spam), Secondary Healer, Tertiary DPS. For gearing purposes it would be best for the Tertiary DPS role to be Range Caster, but we will cater to you with this versatile role. (Be prepared for your DPS role to be lackluster, at least until content is on farm)

Melee DPS:
We are currently looking to satisfy 2 melee DPS roles. In satisfying these roles we ask that you are ready to accept the challenge that awaits you in these dungeons. Melee DPS is going to be hard in this game, it is not melee friendly. You must be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you have a knack for dying to mechanics you shouldn't die to, please don't waste a raids time.

Range DPS:
Ranger/Caster DPS Spots. If you can build for both and are willing to play both and have raid experience in any game. Instant invite. Lets go.

We are also accepting applications for casuals into Mythic. We look for people that like to run dungeons and raids. Our priority is to have as many people as possible on at any time for running dungeons. As a casual you will have the protection of our Raid Members as well as access to Guild Events such as trade runs, world pvp, etc.

For a casual application feel free to put Casual as the "Position to which you are applying" in the recruitment process below.

All Recruits:
Our expectation for this guild is as follows.
Be INSIDE a raid - no later than 10 minutes prior to first pull.
Be ready to wipe. Expect wipes. Don't get discouraged and remain positive throughout a raid.
Respect. No body, including myself is above any other persons. No role is more important than any other. Raiding is about teamwork, have a teamwork mindset and you'll fit in. Stroke your ego over and over and you'll probably find yourself outside of our guild.
Outside Raid Behavior - If two or more persons join the guild - we ask that you stay involved with guild members outside raiding. I don't think this will come as a problem as we'll try to schedule as many guild oriented events that everyone can enjoy. Just remember that raiding is priority.

Quality over Quantity. Respect over all.

Pretty simple. We'll have Alliances. We'll have Enemies.
Declared Enemies: All Reds
Declared Alliances: All Greens until attacked First. (These greens will stay inside guild, will not be discussed outside, except in a group format, explanations later)

Recruitment Process:
Recruitment will take place via Mumble on our Guilds Mumble server. If you wish to have an interview, please do the following.

Send in-game mail to the character Luckyone with the following information:
Position to which you are applying. (please be specific as I was in each section)
Frequent gaming times. (Eastern Standard Timing Please)
Raiding Experience. (outside Archeage); not looking for a list of guilds or dungeons. Expansions played, number of years ~
Why you think you'll be a good fit for Mythic.

Upon sending this mail, I'll reply with mumble info and setup an interview.

Be ready to take a run through GHA and YOU leading the group. Have your own strategies ready to go. Cheese is acceptable.

Thank you for your interest in joining Mythic.
This thread will be bumped as seen fit and will be regularly updated as recruitment closes and opens.