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Thread: game all ready dying down

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    So having Que's is a good thing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFGrady View Post
    You can't really worry about what others are doing. I think it is best they are delaying the content, gives people time to get up to speed and get used to the game. You're sadly mistaken if you think that you've done everything you can in 1.2, and even more so if you think 1.7 will satisfy you
    I don't think you understand how this game works, and what withholding content does to this game.....after 1.2 RNG based gear mechanic on crafted BIS keeps players from gearing up to fast. It's almost impossible for everyone to speed ahead to a point where majority of the community can't keep up, due to this RNG mechanic to keep people from getting all the best gear in the game right away.

    This is not a themepark pve game where you can gear up fast. This game is a Korean Grind, Withholding key content destroys this game. Trion better re think about withholding content past 1.2 I understand about withholding Northern content patch, but other than that, there is no reason to.

    You should prob go do your research on the game, it's been out about 2 years on other regions, they are all the same client and game, just Korea/RU is ahead of us. Go ask any Korean on how this game works and go translate Korean pages for real information about ArcheAge and what withholding content does to the game and player base.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jodar View Post
    Research? Unlike you, i've got a life outside of this forum and AA.

    It took me less than 30 seconds to find that info. Want me to give you more facts and examples?



    I gave you examples on how Blizzard deals with the same issues AA struggles with, and you, feeling stupid, your only reply is the same reply a 12 year old would come up with.

    Close minded? The only one who's close minded here is you, which you have proven several posts already.

    Bigger picture? There's no bigger picture here.

    I'd like you to come up with something better kid. Though i doubt you can.
    Both are links are doesn't work for me which is why I am posting in a old thread please don't mind abou it and please check those links which you are providing in your post.

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