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Jbeley can you make sure that the sites know that the vote will be done here, by the way it looks the RPArcheAge site looks like they want to make the decision themselves. I don't think that should be the case. I also notice nobody mentioning that the vote should take place here on that site at all. Nothing at all against the two that run that site, but they are both guild leaders which means that their decision is also about how their guilds feel. And there are three sites, the vote should be done here period.
Dont worry, ive mentioned it to folk. Think folk are just worried about other sites deciding for them and having no input, or out right going somewhere else just to be different. But i know folk will accept what an official poll on here would choose. It makes much more sense for all the sites to head to what ever server is decided on the official forums, regardless of politics going on. Once we are all on the one server the sites can do what they want. Long as the little folk make sure to keep the lines of communication open