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Thread: [Fr/Eu][Aier-East Nation] Vae Victis

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    [Fr/Eu][Aier-East Nation] Vae Victis

    Guild Vae Victis is present on the server Aier East Nation.

    The purpose of our guild is to become an influential guild RvR / PvP when leaving the continent Auroria. To do so for now we often organize raids on Halcyona, outings Trade pack with our fleet, and other events.

    We are also trying to change the image, and expect to join an alliance guild with the same objectives in the long term.

    To join us, it is advisable to have a character level 30 + and have already begun to mount a craft or two (harvest + art).

    As to the age, we prefer to have players 20 + years. But the door is still not closed to younger players by maturity they will show us.

    You will have to be loyal, to listen officers and guild master, and to respect all the members of the guild.

    Obviously the PK, insults, use hack (in the game), flying on the other clan members or our alliance is absolutely prohibited.

    Finally we want to have people share the same values ​​and vision of the game we had.

    The game is based on a strong economy, outside the Guild events, it is advisable to engage itself in the creation of the group, for this purpose, or to join the guild chat or on our vocal server.

    Once in the Guild you can invite your friends wishing they too join our guild Vae Victis.

    I said that we are a French Guild, we accept foreign players, but they must accept in return made ​​on the Guild chat we tolerate the use of French and English language only.

    Contact " Charrpatus " in-game.

    For more information here are some useful links:

    https://twitter.com/Charrpatus (English language)
    http://vaevictis.xooit.org/ (French goal you can translate Into English)

    Our voice server (mumble):

    address: srv07.serveurmumble.com
    Port: 50977
    pass: baneneverdie

    Join our guild is also wearing our colors and you will receive, once in the guild, in a reasonable time frame, our capes and colors for your ship.

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    Our second meeting since ArcheAge it to meet more than 50 people.

    Here is the audio link to listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3tJ...ature=youtu.be

    ( it will be translate in a sub english soon )

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    Une chtite vidéo à nouveau, cette fois-ci elle fera plaisir aux joueurs souhaitant voir leur capital péculier augmenter rapidement !

    + Un jeux-concours avec une Flûte " Marche Funèbre à gagner "

    Pour participer :


    J'ai fais environ 150 Gold en 1h30 grâce à cette méthode.

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    up still recruting.

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    Event every night (mostly) more during the weekend! And we continue to rework the image in order to best serve the interests of our Nation.

    To be recruited or learn a little more about us, contact in-game:

    Mega, Still or Charrpatus

    Or you can always apply on our forum and we will contact you quickly!

    And if you just want to come play with us or get in touch on our voice is our mumble address (open to all and all the time that people respect others).

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