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Thread: Resilience is here, hope you are good with excel!

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    Red face Resilience is here, hope you are good with excel!

    Time to start on some spreadsheets, they added resilience, adapt or die, the pvp game just completely changed!

    Do i like it? NO! Why? Other than some fallacy you might expect to read here, the biggest inherent and somewhat silly mechanic of an MMO like Archeage is that you have NO CLUE what you are up against.

    There is no glowy, shiny armor that someone can look at and say "OH that guy has high resilience, i best direct my critical assets elsewhere or run for my life!" Why is this such a bigger deal than any other stat?

    Crits are a HUGE part of pvp. Remember how so many people would seemingly burst each other down in a matter of seconds? Resilience is going to prolong that effect in the most improvised bandage manner possible. You have NO WAY of telling what resilience a man has. You might expect to walk up to someone and burst them down, only to find your crits are almost worthless and that each engagement is just a big coin flip.

    OH! And lets not forget how much this replaces skill with mathematics and research, i talked about this before, about how i usually cant stick with a game where i am not playing to find things out more than actual practice itself.

    Welp, it was a fun run to 50 but this is looking grim from my outlook!

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    Why does this section attract the most strangest of things lol

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    Spread sheet? No!... your only allowed one resilience lunagem n it must be placed on your chest piece. .no stacking..same goes for toughness ect ect..

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    Except... in other games with PvP you don't really have any idea either... In World of Warcraft, for example, you can't inspect other players before you attack them and with the transmog system they can make their Legendary Gladiator (or whatever it's called now) look like the scrub honor gear.

    Or you can see people running around crazy gemmed for health since the item level of the gear plays heavily into how much health you have, inflating your health in a sneaky non gear related way to make yourself more imposing.

    Are you mad that you won't be able to look at someone before you attack them and know whether or not they will be easy to kill? It doesn't take any skill to burst someone down before they can react. All it takes is a guide that tells you where to put your skillset points and which buttons to press in which order. What takes skill is being able to kill someone when it takes 20 seconds for them to die, because for 20 seconds they are fighting back.

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