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  1. exploitation of prison game mechanic. please fix

    players are exploiting the game mechanics of prison by using ancestral life lasso to pull people onto the wall in jail in marianople so they can jump out and retrial until inno. even if it takes 100...
  2. Bypassing prison game mechanic. please fix

    players are exploiting the game mechanics of prison by using ancestral life lasso to pull people onto the wall in jail in marianople so they can jump out and retrial until inno. even if it takes 100...
  3. Skywhisper glider, part for it not craftable

    Hey was looking to craft a skywhisper glider and the "special propeller" is
    not craft-able in game but is listed under the recipe for the skywhisper glider
    as a required mat. all the other high-end...
  4. Aust Mana Tower/ 6.0 Castle quest (Urgent Task) Bug

    you arent able to kill purified heedmar or nuimari monsters in the castle zones after they have been claimed because the aust mana tower isn't spawning on aa unchained on wynn, idk if it's affecting...
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    zero bot/script/mod detection?

    players are running around all over the place using game scripts, and mods at will, and theres nothing
    being done about it, its a very big disadvantage to the ones that go to play the game...
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    power stone pet stealth glitch

    if you have a powerstone pet on with the stones in it, you can see the stones glow in directx11 mode with someone in stealth that isnt supposed to be able to be seen, the visual effect of the stones...
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    Pirate Disadvantage (Hero Statue/Buff)

    I feel like the statue requiring just as much cargo packs as east and west is kind of a very hard goal to reach per week to hit the quota to build the hero statue, 90 cargo packs on west/east is easy...
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    Eastern Hiram Mountains Treant Boss

    At all of the spawns for the treant boss in eastern hiram mountains, it randomly resets itself nonstop for no reason most of the time, without being even moved away from its location . it seems to be...
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    Pirate quest unable to complete

    I'm trying to do the quest, Worthy Burial, and i am unable to complete it due to nuia guard aggro range and being level 36 ancestral now when i try to get the pirate urn inside solzreed castle, its...
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    Coral (Rabbit Mount) Armor Bug

    I can't seem to equip the following on the coral rabit mount:
    *Cuckoo Rabbit Bonnet
    *Cuckoo Rabbit Saddle
    *Cuckoo Rabbit Bloomers

    its level 50 like the requirement says for the gear to go in,...
  11. Thread: Name change

    by drpepper

    shutup you priveleged millenials, you can clearly...

    shutup you priveleged millenials, you can clearly see they are doing the best they can! you need to calm down and relax and realize it takes a while to find and fix bugs. god nothing is ever enough...
  12. turn on perma double. get people playing again

    turn on perma double. get people playing again
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    bug with transfers

    server transfers seem to not be working? am curious what's going on
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    Glider Achievement Collection Bug

    the glider collections that are needed to get the new sky emperor glider are very vague, they just say equip all gliders from this collection to complete this achievement, while not specifying...
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    Definition of exploit - make full use of and...

    Definition of exploit - make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource), make use of (a situation) in a way considered unfair or underhand.

    it is unintended for the zone to ever reach peace....
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    prestige shop bug

    on page 2 of 4 in the Prestige Shop. the Black Sabrefang Cub appears 2 times and is unnecessary, making there need to be a 4th prestige shop page for 1 item, would look alot cleaner if the duplicate...
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    war zone exploited into peace with hero flag

    castaway strait is in peace, and it never is supposed to be. people are running merchant ships back to back full of onyx archeum essence freeloading off of this exploited WAR/CONFLICT ONLY ZONE,...
  18. castaway strait in peace? game breaking bug

    on aria it seems like someone managed to break a conflict/war only zone into permanent peace with a peace flag that the hero's got. it should have never happened, because it is sailing water between...
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    costume extraction bug fix not working

    the coding is still off, will be fixed once it takes a extraction alembic to pull a costume out from a stat costume, it still requires a recovery alembic, which does not exist and is not possible to...
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    Costume Extraction Bug

    it says it requires a (Recovery Alembic) to extract a image item costume from a stat costume, but in the general merchant. there is only a (Extraction Alembic) which are two seperate...
  21. Luna Charm (Rank 4/Rank 5) Broken/Missing

    with the new lunagem regrading system, i think we were supposed to have the +4 +5 included in this patch but something happened, just checking to see if it is in fact not working as intended
  22. Mysterious Hiram Infusions 50 labor (used to be 30)

    i think this is a bug, since the lower tier infusions take up 50 labor, and they mysterious hiram infusions are supposed to be 30 labor each, its what they were for a long time and noticing how much...
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    Using a ship's sails to knock people off cargo ship ok?

    people are using ships and leaving them in front of the path of the ship, using them to scoop all of the players off of the cargo ship, that people paid protection for 5g (captain's protection) to...
  24. @carendash in the gif that was posted they block...

    @carendash in the gif that was posted they block the ladder to start with so you cant get on it, then you are forced to sit on the deck of the ship without holding on to anything, and they use the...
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    Safe Cargo Ship Exploiting

    people are blocking the bottom ladder in two crowns for the safe ship for the family daily quest. preventing east harani players from being able to access the npc on the boat to get captain's...
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