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  1. Thanks guys!

    Thanks guys!
  2. Do I keep the items, that are in my bag, when I use a server transfer?

    Question for Archeage: Unchained.
  3. When youre a Lowie doing your dailies in warzones and a GS999999999 appears so you hide in the grass

  4. [Belstrom EU] Archeage Unchained - Haranya - People block the tradepath to austera!

    Is it bannable if people block the path to austera with their farmcarts?

    Here is a screenshot of Queensong doing it...
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    ok thank you very much :)

    ok thank you very much :)
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    Yatas don't have 2 abilities in Unchained?

    Hey guys,

    so I got me 2 different Yatas. (the second one to confirm)
    One I bought for 5 gold and the other from the ah.
    Both have only 1 spell (jump) and no sprint.
    But there used to be 2...
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    beautiful morning in nuia :)

  8. Customizable Blockhead fusion with my hiram helmet doesnt work?

    I can wear it as if its gear but can't use the fusion feature to change the image of my stats item (hiram helmet).

    Am I doing something wrong or does it simply not work?
  9. People who couldnt claim their first get 3.

    People who couldnt claim their first get 3.
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