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    It makes sense. Everybody on pts is working for a full mythic gear with that command. If they let it enable, they won't have any legendary or mythic candies to give to testers.
    Plus, ppl'll come back to the pts if they can regrade infinit divines, live servers are dying, it won't help.

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    "Morpheus needs me Fluffy!" appears to be broken
    Kukuro / ɖǟʀᏦʀʊռռɛʀ / 𝓢𝓐𝓛𝓟𝓗𝓘𝓡𝓐


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    "[DISABLED] Notice me fluffy! ". Ok, so im new in PTS and i need to "test" epherium gear? i got Delp gear in my NA char, so what i testing if im cant get t7 gear and weapons? LOL... @Celestrata

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    Quote Originally Posted by hypp View Post
    "[DISABLED] Notice me fluffy! ". Ok, so im new in PTS and i need to "test" epherium gear? i got Delp gear in my NA char, so what i testing if im cant get t7 gear and weapons? LOL... @Celestrata
    Exactly what is Trion having you test that you need T7 gear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hypp View Post
    "[DISABLED] Notice me fluffy! ". Ok, so im new in PTS and i need to "test" epherium gear? i got Delp gear in my NA char, so what i testing if im cant get t7 gear and weapons? LOL... @Celestrata
    As they said in the post that announced the disabling of this command, they tested and it went live. They didn't need to test it any longer. Whether I think they should reinstate it or not is irrelevant.
    Is anyone else sad to know that people will rant and rave about being banned when they know damn good and well they broke the rules? Sadder still is the energy consumption and the lengths they will go to so they can continue to break them... and the threads they post when they finally get caught.

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    Hi Myssy,

    I did the below for myself thought I would share and maybe you want to add it to your OP.

    Mail Name

    Level me up Fluffy
    Max level + 500g

    Testing Consumables
    10 000 Labour
    10 x Rank 2 Physical Defence Potions

    Testing Travel and Consumables
    White Elk Mount
    Harpoon Clipper
    100 x Rank 3 Health and Mana Potion each
    200 x Rank 6 Health and Mana Food each

    Testing Weapons
    Magnificent Weapons

    Testing Rings and Bow
    Magnificent Rings and Bow

    Testing Earrings and Necklace
    Magnificent Earrings and Necklace

    Testing Plate
    Magnificent Quake Set

    Testing Leather
    Magnificent Typhoon Set

    Testing Cloth
    Magnificent Ocean Set

    Level "Proficiency" Fluffy
    Level Proficiencies to 50 (Cooking, Printing and Metalwork are bugged) Specialization Snowflake still needed to increase max proficiencies (Relog required)

    Send me a sloth Fluffy

    Testing Sloth Glider
    Glider Companion: Sloth

    Send me anya ingots Fluffy

    Testing Anya Ingots
    30 x Anya ingots

    Tell me a secret Fluffy
    Max level + 1000g

    SoA: Usables 1
    Mirage Bjorne
    Harpoon Clipper
    Glider Companion: Sloth
    50 x Rank 6 Healing and Mana Potion each
    200 x Rank 6 Small Healing and Mana Potion each
    250 x Rank 6 Health and Mana Food each
    30 x Companion Crust

    SoA: Usables 2

    100 x Hereafter Stone
    20 000 Labour
    100 x Growthstones (200k exp)
    50 x Pet Dual-Recovery Potions
    10 x Iron Will Potions (300k Voc + 150k Honor)
    20 x Dahuta's Bubbles
    25 x Rank 3 Physical and Magic Defence Potion each
    50 x Spellbook: Unstoppable Force
    50 x Spellbook: Brick Wall

    SoA: Usables 3
    50 x Tyrenos's Index
    50 x Rank 4 Stat Boost Food each
    50 x Rank 4 HP/MP Boost Food each
    100 x Eco-Friendly Fuel
    14 x Expansion Scrolls
    500 x Gilda Stars

    SoA: Weapons 1
    Epherium Weapons

    SoA: Weapons 2
    Epherium Weapons

    SoA: Accessories 1
    Auroria Haunted Chest Cloaks
    Rank 7 Warrior Necklace
    Conquerer Earrings and Rings

    SoA: Accessories 2
    Conquerer Necklaces and Rings

    SoA: Accessories 3
    Conquerer Earrings and Rings

    SoA: Heal Sup Cloth
    Epherium Stone Cloth Set
    Spirit Bow and Lute

    SoA: M-DPS Cloth Kit
    Epherium Lake Cloth Set
    Intelligence Bow and Lute

    SoA: R-DPS Leather Kit
    Epherium Squall Leather Set
    Agility Bow and Lute

    SoA: P-DPS Leather Kit
    Epherium Desert Leather Set
    Strength Bow and Lute

    SoA: Plate Tank Kit
    Epherium Desert Plate Set
    Stamina Bow and Lute

    Obsidian or bust Fluffy
    Max level + 5000g

    The Power of Obsidian
    Tier 5 Obsidian Weapons

    Shiver me timbers Fluffy

    DP: Ultimate Voyage Pack
    Harpoon Clipper
    Adventurer's Clipper
    Merchant Schooner
    Fish-Find Longliner
    Eznan Cutter
    Lutesong Junk
    100 x Ship Component Regrade Scrolls
    20 000 Labour
    500 x Gilda Stars
    20 x Rank 4 HP Boost

    DP: Ship Materials
    300 x Starshard Ingots
    1000 x Gunpowder
    1000 x Steel Ammo

    DP: Ship Materials 1
    1000 x Charcoal Stabilizers

    DP: Ship Materials 2
    1000 x Rock Salt Stabilizers

    DP: Ship Materials 3
    500 x Crystal Stabilizers

    DP: Ship Materials 4
    10 x Crest Brainstorms

    DP: Ship Materials 5
    250 x Dragon Essence Stabilizers

    DP: Ship Lumber
    600 x Lumber
    300 x Fine Lumber
    100 x Nuri Forest Lumber

    DP: Ship Leather
    600 x Leather
    300 x Fine Leather
    100 x Wind Spirit Leather

    DP: Ship Fabric
    600 x Fabric
    300 x Beautifully Coloured Fabric
    100 x Cloudspun Fabric

    DP: Ship Iron
    600 x Iron Ingot
    300 x Sturdy Ingot
    100 x Sunridge Ingot

    What are they saying Fluffy
    100% for all Languages (Relog required)

    Morpheus needs me Fluffy
    Gives 3000 infamy and changes your faction to pirate

    Changin Yer Mind
    30 x Draught of Forgiveness
    1 x Mythic Salt

    X up for invite Fluffy

    Guild Testing
    Guild Ribbon: Aranzeb
    Guild Ribbon: Ollo
    10 x Faded Mirror of Boundaries
    10 x Guild Flare
    1 x Peace Treaty
    Pioneer Earring
    Oathbreaker Plate (Black)
    Oathbreaker Plate

    Pimp my house Fluffy

    Heroic Houses 1
    Full Kit: Harvester's/Rancher's/Miner's Farmhouse
    Full Kit: Tudor Slate Townhouse/Villa/Chalet
    Full Kit: Thatched Farmhouse
    Full Kit: Tidal Bungalow
    Gazebo Farm Design

    Heroic Houses 2
    1000 x Bound Tax Certificates
    10 x Building Management Title
    6 x Discontinued Land Expansion Certificate
    100 x Enchanted Blueprint
    30 x Discontinued Remodeling Permit
    500 x Construction Brick Bundle
    500 x Wooden Beam Bundle
    500 x Construction Tool Bundle
    500 x Finishing Touches Bundle

    I wanna be the very best Fluffy

    Pet Accessory 1
    Pet Accessory Workbench
    100 x Companion Crust
    Seal-Point Sabrefang
    400 x Beast Tamer's Bell
    400 x Beast Trainer's Bell
    200 x Beast Keeper's Bell
    200 x Beast Binder's Bell
    200 x Beast Master's Bell

    Pet Accessory 2
    100 x Sturdy Ingot
    100 x Fine Leather
    100 x Beautifully Coloured Fabric
    1000 x Pelt
    1000 x Wool
    1000 x Iron Ore
    100 x Moonlight Archeum Essence
    100 x Starlight Archeum Essence
    100 x Bound Pet Accessory Regrade Scroll

    Pet Accessory 3
    Radiant Dawnsdrop Set
    Tuna Club

    You know nothing Fluffy

    Citizen of Auroria 1
    100 x Lord's Coin
    100 x Lord's Pence
    1000 x Merit Badge
    Full Kit: Storage Silo
    5 x Salon Certificate
    10 x Blank Territory Work Permit
    100 x Tundra Fern Seed
    100 x Goldwort Fern Seed
    100 x Violet Fiddlehead Seed
    100 x Coral Cactus Seed

    Citizen of Auroria 2
    1000 x Bound Tax Certificate
    50 x Building Management Title
    25 x Auroria Mineral Water Pump
    25 x Auroria Twilight Sapling
    10 x Iron Will Potion (300k Voc + 150k Honor)
    Inoch's Battle Robes
    Enhanced Astra Wings
    1000 x Warrior's Medal
    1 x Spoiled Potato

    [__________________________________________________ _______________________]

    [ Server: Leviathan formerly of Nui ] [ Faction: Haranya ]

    [ Guild: Arcane Mayhem Lvl 7 ] [ Character: Brauny ]

    [ Skillsets: All Skillsets 55 ]

    [ Status: Enjoying the game. ]
    [__________________________________________________ _______________________]

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    Lagging server.

    I heard PTS server is NA, im from EU and my spells when i use them works 0.20%~ later, so its realy hard to pvp. I's there a way to make better connection to server?I'm not joking, i's realy laggy to me.My internet is pretty good and i hope there is a way to solve this problem.

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    Come back #NoticeMeFluffy

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    Call me Stack.
    You are probably talking to my alt.
    PTS for now

    East Nazar - broke gearRIP

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    Can't even test how weapon glow works on celestial plus gear and tier 7 items, as my char has some.

    Trion, am i really supposed to grind on PTS to see a visual effect? Seriously?

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