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Thread: -= Show off your house and lands Deco!!=-

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombiFlu View Post
    Here's our pumpkin patch.
    that looks great

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    Hi all,

    Two of us have been trying to claim the whole housing zone and finally it happened - and I was most happy to have my beautiful castle on a lone hilltop, with no neighbors, in the most peaceful quiet place. Surrounded nothing but waterfalls, hills and fields below.

    Evening shadows covering the house - surrounded by larch, maple, baobab, yew and poplar trees.

    Row of lights lit up as the night nears, darkness creeps as the sun sets.

    Surrounded nothing but fields of poisonous mushrooms, skulls and abandoned fires.

    Nobody knows what was sacrificed there.. only the remains speak for themselves.

    Hoping the spirits will remain in their peaceful garden.

    Night nears and magically the forest lights up, creepy shadows appear and temptation to go inside grows.

    But inside, warm fall smell is welcoming - carved pumpkins, table waiting to be set and evening light as the last of the sun disappears.

    As the night and darkness passes, fireplace keeps us warm.

    And if that's not enough, I'll escape to my pink room to cuddle up with plushies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piratezombi3 View Post
    This is my house. *have 3 land locations... but this is my "home"*

    It is small, but I like the smallness.

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    I made my home entrance, my back yard and my rest area ) I hope you like it...

    The back yard

    The rest area
    View 1

    View 2

    The main entrance


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    Everyone creates such lovely things. I hope you all like our family home too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lillisha View Post
    Everyone creates such lovely things. I hope you all like our family home too
    Freaking gorgeous <3

    kind of wish I was on your server to see this in person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddgeir View Post
    I miss cleverness. This community is full of basics.

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    lol hi
    Quote Originally Posted by raziel974 View Post
    My villa :3

    Location: Windscour Savannah (Nebe)

    This is not completely finished, I still expected some decorations.
    The fridge .. Mermaid bathtub *µ* and more!

    If someone sell a Christmas tree, i need *-*
    Need to st valentine table :3

    Following below
    What's that table with the phonograph on it??!! Need it.
    ban me

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    Its one piece

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eneli View Post

    Yeah, I know. But it has changed since then. But so nice of you to post your selfie... that is so brave of you.
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