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Thread: Friday!!

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    Comp tech and yes it's Friday 3 day weekend hope to get some kraken done as I flail around like a dead fish.
    Stupid phone and your auto correct.

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    I'm the assistant manager of a Waffle House franchise in Austin, TX.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nappyhoe View Post
    I fix airsoft, paintball, and real guns all day while going to law school. I also work full time making sure sirdiddy hides behind his door and checks under his bed at night to make sure im not there smiling with a watergun gun bc he is scurred. And do i have the birthday gift for u altimar...
    I buy, restore, and collect guns. We should talk guns some time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackened View Post
    Friday my friends, I'm bored and feeling like cardio creating a useful post.
    So what are your Rl jobs?

    I'm still a stud :P
    I'm an seo expert playing with uncle google

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