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Thread: WTS Delphinad and Epherium leather armor pieces [EZI]

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    WTS Delphinad and Epherium leather armor pieces [EZI]

    Selling the following armor pieces, PM me with your offer + server name please if you are interested:

    Delphinad Earth Breeches (Celestial, fully gemmed 353 toughness)
    Delphinad Earth Fists (Celestial, fully gemmed t1)
    Delphinad Earth Cap (Divine, 3 gems t1)

    Delphinad Squall Fists (Arcane) [SOLD]

    Epherium Lightning Belt (Grand)
    Epherium Lightning Jerkin (Grand)
    Epherium Earth Jerkin (Rare)
    Epherium Desert Jerkin (Grand)

    Epherium Flame Jerkin (Grand)[SOLD]
    Epherium Gale Belt (Heroic)[SOLD]
    Epherium Flame Fists (Arcane)[SOLD]
    Epherium Flame Cap (Arcane)[SOLD]
    Epherium Gale Belt (Grand)[SOLD]

    Epherium Earth Belt (Heroic)[SOLD]
    Epherium Desert Breeches (Rare)[SOLD]
    Epherium Desert Fists (Rare) [SOLD]
    Epherium Flame Boots (Grand) [SOLD]
    Epherium Desert Fists (Arcane) [SOLD]
    Epherium Gale Fists (Grand) [SOLD]


    Delphinad Desert Belt (Any grade)
    Delphinad Desert Chest (Any grade)
    Delphinad Desert Boots (Any grade)
    Delphinad Desert Fists (Any grade)
    Delphinad Desert Cap (Any grade)

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    List is updated

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    More items added to list!

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    New items added!

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    More armor pieces added!

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    Some new pieces added, PM me if you got any delp desert!

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