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  • Yes - I support it being implemented as-is permanently

    106 48.18%
  • Yes - I support it being implemented but only for first two weeks of new server launch

    14 6.36%
  • No - I do not support this change or any change, it is fine the way it is now

    82 37.27%
  • No - Something needs to be changed, but this system is not what I want

    18 8.18%
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Thread: Confusion around how housing zone works in 2.0 please read this thread

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    Love the change in 2.0. Maybe some tweaks here and there but over all this needed to happen. Thanks Trion and XL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zazenss View Post
    Before you vote - I want you to understand how the system ACTUALLY works in game and how it can be exploited. Not how it was described on-stream or how you think it should work. *EVERYONE* Is safe in the housing zone. Pirate, red, green, land owner or not.
    The bold part doesn't seem to be how it's implimented on the live servers.

    I play an elf. I wanted to confirm that haranyans can't attack me or my clipper in their Bungalow housing area or in their outher housing areas so I sailed over.

    They were absolutely able to attack my ship in the bungalow area west of Austere. I also was able to encourage a red to attack me in the same housing area and kill me. I was in the middle of the bungalows, not the edge.

    Then I ran over to the Fellowship Plaza in the housing district south of Austere and again I was able to get some reds there to kill me.

    I didn't test Conflict zones in haranya, but I may try to do that tonight.

    PEACE zone housing didn't protect me in Haranya.
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