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Haha Peasants, we're Europe, thanks to Germany we can afford whatever the hell we want as a continent (UK Citizen here) I mean honestly, working in Mc Donalds in Germany pays 2x more then working a decent job elsewhere, Most of the EU player base collectively is from Germany, France & UK and possibly some Russian people who dropped out of their versions, well obviously we have a lot more cultures and languages in EU but thats where most of them are living or playing from right now, I like this price update now when I buy credits with pre-paid cards I don't feel like I'm being ripped off £5 because I'm not adopting their recurring subscription.

Anyway, morale of the story, Idk why you people care about this good or bad, we can afford it, if we couldn't afford it we would all be on Windows 2000 playing f2p games that released in 2006-2009 or something.

I heard your getting transferred. To Greece.