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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazee View Post
    Haha Peasants, we're Europe, thanks to Germany we can afford whatever the hell we want as a continent (UK Citizen here) I mean honestly, working in Mc Donalds in Germany pays 2x more then working a decent job elsewhere, Most of the EU player base collectively is from Germany, France & UK and possibly some Russian people who dropped out of their versions, well obviously we have a lot more cultures and languages in EU but thats where most of them are living or playing from right now, I like this price update now when I buy credits with pre-paid cards I don't feel like I'm being ripped off 5 because I'm not adopting their recurring subscription.

    Anyway, morale of the story, Idk why you people care about this good or bad, we can afford it, if we couldn't afford it we would all be on Windows 2000 playing f2p games that released in 2006-2009 or something.

    I heard your getting transferred. To Greece.

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    Don't you all see it ???

    I can't believe everybody can't see this for what it really is. Only one post I read has a handle on it....this game is DYING !!! They have been, as I've said a hundred times, the most INCOMPETENT, RUDE, UNCARING, UNPROFESSIONAL, and CLUELESS group of ASSCLOWNS I have ever seen manage anything. There are single pump gas stations in ruraltown, USA with better management and customer service skills than this entire joke of a company. Here is what happened. They made too many servers, so they screwed us and consolidated. They totally screwed THAT merger up, so they said "oh well, we can just do it over tomorrow !!" Well how many people couldnt make it for "tomorrow" because they planned their personal ♥♥♥♥ around the Saturday launch ??? "So what if you can't get land" they said, "just wait for Auroria or buy it !!" " "Screw all the work you made toward castle progress, now we start everybody even," they said !!! "OOPS, our bad, we forgot to announce the Auroria relaunch properly, but you all can just deal" they said !! Now the PLAYERS have spoken !! And they spoke clearly...."♥♥♥♥ YOU TRION !!" They have lost TONS of patrons, which also costs TONS of cash influx to their shops. "So how do we make this up ?" they asked. Well, let's not reach out to the ones who left and try to make it right. Let's not fix the issues to attract new player. "LET'S SCREW THE DUMBASSES WHO BELIEVED IN US, THEY WON'T QUIT OVER THIS !!" they said. Well, they thought. Now it comes full circle...we are done !!! Too many great new games out there for the consumers. The price increases are to bail THEIR ♥♥♥♥♥ out. Well, here's to hoping the end result is they are out ON THEIR ♥♥♥♥♥ !!! No more or less than this company deserves. No more or less than this company has been working toward for six months. Just don't cry to us when Mcdonalds wont hire you to make fries (I said MAKE them, not SERVE them...Ya'll don't have enough customer service skills between you to serve a customer !!!) Anyway, good luck everybody. It was a total blast knowing and playing with many of you for a year !!! Even though I'm well known as the WORST pvp'er in the history of pvp (this was my first mmo), the ones I met along the way sure made this fun for me !!

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