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Thread: How do you make money?

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    How do you make money?


    This is just a thread im making out of curiosity, and to see if there are any ways I can make better gold basically.

    With 2.0, a lot changed. Coinpurse farming got a nerf. Fishing became better. Every server has a bigger population (which makes traderuns through pvp zones a bigger risk). Handicraft got a change. Crafting got a change. Not all of us managed to get land.

    So I am just wondering, with all these changes. What is your way of making money at the money?

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    you say : Every server has a bigger population .... so go find what need all ppls and what is not enought ... start crafting or idk what all ppls need , and you got answer for your question .

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    Mine stone. Lol they have nearly tripled in price.

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    I have made 60k of pure profit by reselling starlight archeum. Being informed, thats my way. But if you are a new player or returning, fishing got a huge improvement.

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    Fish for pocket change/fun (I FCKING LOVE FISHING)

    Long-term investments for 200%+ profit

    Swipe now and then if you're rolling in RL money or the game's economy suggests that you make astronomically more in-game gold for RL money per hour than you could otherwise in-game without some ridiculous RNG.

    Personally I've done these three but the biggest by far to account for the wealth I've accumulated is the long term investments. From as soon as I understood the information and future patch changes that would dramatically shape the economy I focused on investments. My very first large flip was moon points (after the divine gift spree and people selling out after the market didn't recover), superior and normal red regrades from celestial Pegasus market crash, etc. these flipped for huge profit after regrade change in that Library (?) patch. Since then I've continued to find a niche in each major change to the economy from game patches to invest. Small things like buying copper for months in preparation for the long board coming out even paid out.

    I think the overall theme is the rich get richer. Having gold on hand has allowed me to cash in on opportunities. When someone is desperate to sell something, you notice them linking a set for days, give them an offer and they undersell it, you split the set and sell it for a huge quick profit. Things like that have also made me fast gold early on but was only possible with first having the bank to do so and two the balls to take the risk and three minimizing that risk by understanding your economy and demand

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