WTS Delphinad Desert Greatsword

Why you should buy it?
Because it:
  • Can be crafted to Ayanad (if you have design)
  • Can be regraded from Unique -> Divine (if you have luck)
  • Can be used to do many dirty things (if you are brave enough)
  • Can be the best Greatsword on your server (if you wants to be the best)
How you can contact with me?
If you are:
  • Kyprosa Nuia - Whisper/send me mail -> Raiv
  • Kyprosa Haranya/Pirate - send me mail -> Raiv
  • Player from another server with Kyprosa in AH Cluster -> Send me Private Message on forum

Current bid is: 25k gold
B/o is 40k gold

Better buy it now because in KR 2.5 "Two-Handed Buff now also ignores up to 40% of the physical defense of an opponent's shield" = price will go up
Check: https://www.reddit.com/r/archeage/co...patch_changes/

Waiting for more offers!