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    Fantastic. we will lose a day's event because they have not prepared things and people are too funny , to let others do the events. Thank you

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    Let's see... possible hash tags...


    It's also worth noting in Aranzeb, Nuia are just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s, in that they kill everyone.... including their own side in Solis due to this. So far, Haranya just leaves you alone.

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    cant approach the event in Solis of Anthalon , Haranys waiting in the place for kill all and they do not leave do anything

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    Situation in Anthalon slightly degenerated...

    Will probably boycott the event and trash the few coins collected...

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    What a ♥♥♥♥ event, do they even think of anything before releasing stuff? Oh I have a good idea guys, lets do an event in area's where reds can kill you but you can't do ♥♥♥♥ about it, and not turn on festival period until atleast a day after so you miss out on coins as your server is horse ♥♥♥♥ and doesn't let anyone do their quests. Woop de doo.

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    I just used the Portal at Marianopel to Cap Solis - but there is no Peace Zone - I died immediately!! Maybe Trion forgot to instal the Peace Zone at Cap Solis

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    And why solis is not in peace red can attack us there??

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    Angry halloween :(

    It's the same in Eanna, I died 3 Times when I try to go in 2 crowns ... and after enemy where standing and waiting to kill all people from Haranhya ..
    I lost time, hereafterstones and I don't do my quest ...
    Event = zero

    J'ai commencé mes quêtes, pris le portailleur et là bing, tuée comme nombre de compatriotes^^ par les rouges qui attendaient en masse..
    J'ai essayé d'aller à 2 couronnes autrement, mais soit je me faisais tuer par les gardes qui n'étaient pas neutres à l'extérieur de la ville (car curieusement à l'intérieur, ils étaient neutres), soit enfin arrivée au lieu de quêtes, j'étais accueillie à nouveau par une troupe de rouges qui m'ont sauté dessus ...
    Bref un event qui démarre mal, j'ai gaspillé des pierres de TP, du temps, et je n'ai pas validé ces fichues quêtes.. Trion = dédommagements pour un event aussi mal préparé !!!

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    like expected.
    do i have to say more?

    gg trino

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