The leaves shall fall as the wind turns cold, yet here is another adventurer so bold. So cool and calm as they patrol the night, but as Hallowtide comes, you’re in for a fright! The dead shall walk and the souls need tended, for we’ll need your help to keep Erenor defended.

From Tuesday, October 20th to November 3rd, the citizens of Two Crowns and the Solis Headlands will celebrate the coming of Hallowtide! During this time, Erenor’s festival laws will be enacted, spreading peace and preventing PvP conflicts in those areas until the end of the festival. (Beware: The right of Guild Dominion can still supercede the law of peace, so be careful if your guild is locked in a conflict!)

Honor the souls of the dead in Two Crowns, or hunt for candy atop a slightly crazed snail mount in Solis Headlands each day during the event to earn this year’s Hallowtide Festival Tokens. These Tokens can be turned in at the Festival Gift Exchanger in Two Crowns or Solis Headlands for some great Halloween themed prizes.

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