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    Ideally family would get access to everything owned by another family member, just like alts on the same account.

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    if you set your things to guild and something gets taken the first defense is well you shouldn't trust everyone but with the family size restrictions some people have no options. this is not such as issue in KR as they only get the one acc but we can easily have as many as we want so it needs to be more than 10, 12-15 would be the minimum.

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    Think 10 is a good number too many people multbox with alt
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    That's a good news, it's going in the good direction.

    But one good solution would be to keep the size at 10, but to count 1 for each account, not each character, with that, it would be possible to play with friends and with all your char.

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    Honestly I'm against family increase to start. If you need more then 8 then make a bloody guild. If they want to increase it to 10 then add some extra options to make it a semi-mini guild then yeah, 10 max. Other then that make a guild for your alts.
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    Excited to see family cap raised. Any possibility of 12-15 people?
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    Or could we not have the option of being in more than one family?

    It would work something like this:

    A is the head of the family, B, C, D, and E are family members and can use the properties / workbenches of all family members
    C is also head of a family, F, G, H and I are family members and can use the properties / workbenches of all family members (but can't use those of A, B, D, or E as they are not in A's family)

    So you could be head of your own family, but belong in other family groups too?

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    Not all family members are in the same guild or some are red so bigger family sizes would be helpfu.
    More guild features that allow access to chest & land would be good for different ranks or groupings within a guild would also be helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trymantha
    On the stream they said it was limited to 10 due to XL exploring the possibility of other family benefits etc
    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata
    This is correct. XL really wants to keep it at 10 for now, because they have more ideas for the family structure for the future.

    Why not remove family size limit until they make the changes? At least then you would have a better idea of how many people require big families and could make your changes/updates based on the new info.

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    Maybe a lill Offtopic but i would like to see the option in Houses For Family/Guild instead of Family or Guild
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