Update 1/13 -- We've heard nothing additional regarding this new PvP mode from the team at XL. We will follow up with them to see what has come of this feature.

Description: During our Update 2.0 launch period, we discussed the possibility of XL adding a new PvP event to Windscour Savannah. Very few details were offered during this period of time, and the event never made it into the final build of 2.0. Some community members have asked us if this event was coming to our version of the game.

Status: Our intent is to bring this event to the game, but we have heard very little new information on it ourselves. It has not been scheduled to be released in our upcoming November Update. The reason the event may not have made it to a final build is because it may need further refinements before it is added into the game. Trion will continue to discuss this event with XL in order to gain further updates, but currently, do not expect the event to be added anytime soon.