1/13 Update -- XL has remained unable to reproduce the issues we are seeing with the login tracker with their internal builds. We continue to send information to them to help them test and reproduce this bug, including player and staff reports.

12/2 Update: XL has taken our information and tested, but they are unable to reproduce the bug on their side. We remain in contact with them in order to show them further verification of this issue.

11/19 Update: Our QA team has officially tracked down the issue to the timer resetting at both midnight local time and midnight GMT. If both midnights do not pass, the tracker fails to reset and a day is missed.

We've taken our findings and passed them along to the team at XL for their investigation and resolution.

Description: Player reports have shown that the login tracker is not properly resetting on a daily basis, causing some players to miss logins due to the button failing to properly reset.

Status: Our internal Trion QA team is performing a few tests on the login tracker in order to better understand the problem. Once we can assertain exactly what's causing the issue, the information will be given to XL to investigate and fix for a future game build.